I have three dreams for you.

The first two are weird. The third.... I hate it. Especially after what just happened half an hour ago.

1. I stabbed someone in my class and then ran them over.

2. My maths teacher died and we had another teacher and I was happy. But then my first story I wrote which I lost becamea reality which was weird because in that story, everybody and everything froze in Maths.

And finally:

3. I was at work. It was super busy and two of my friends came in. They were watching me as the next person came up and handed me their dvds.

It was, of course, who we shall call Winston. Because that is the lead screamer of his favourite band. (I'm not stalking him, he told me ok. Plus, if I was stalking him, I'd know where he lives. I only know the town (but it says that on his facebook (don't judge me))).

As soon as I saw his face, my eyes looked down at the computer and went blurry and I couldn't see and then I couldn't move them and my arms locked. I couldn't move them at the elbows, they just stayed straight and I tried to look up at him and say sorry- my arms are being stupid- but I couldn't look up either.

I dropped everything. The dvds smashed on the floor (which is actually impossible because theres carpet) and I tripped backwards. I ran into the staff room and turned around to see (who we shall call Casey because I don't know) Casey, the girl who is always flirting with him (who doesn't even work at my work, by the way) taking up my spot to serve him.

I turned around, crying because I didn't know what was happening to me. Then my legs snapped straight at the knees and I blacked out.

Then I woke up.


Then, what is now 40 minutes ago, I was walking to English and he passes me and he looks at me and I looked back at him.

No words.

And now I wish I could go back to that moment and maybe say hi or at least smile.

Not frantically grab my elbows to make sure that they weren't about to fail and lock so I couldn't move them.

I didn't actually remember that dream until I walked past him.

It was weird because I grabbed my elbows and knew, subconsciously and then I remembered.


I can't do anything about this.

This stupid life.

My stupid brain.

I can't change anything.

I can't even talk to him in my dreams.



Now everyone is talking about Insurgent and Allegiant again.

Why is no one into Lord of The Rings anymore?

The End

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