Working ClassMature

Lets get another thing straight: I love my job.

Whereas most people would be sayin how much they hate their jobs and everything is bad and the people are bad.

Shut up.

Quit if you don't like it.

My job? Its the best.


I work at a dvd store.

Yes I download movies.

Everyone who works there does it too.

But that doesn't mean that we are going out of business. We are actually the only store that has stayed open for like 7-8 years.


I've been working there for about a year now and although sometimes I can not be bothered to go- I get off my lazy ass and as soon as I get to work I'm happy.

Unless I have a headache for the whole time, then I'm probably not happy.

I'm friends with almost all the people who work there (we just got some new people don't judge me and be all 'oh, you hate someone don't you?' No, I haven't met one of them yet)

I borrowed Fellowship of the Ring off the other person who works there who likes LOTR and Star Wars and all them movies which none of the girls seem to like.

I guess, again, I grew up with pretty much all boys.


Anyway, the point was- don't say you hate your job, because if you hate it; quit and find one that you love.

I don't think I'd be able to work anywhere else.

The Ben and Jerry's icecream is good too, because they don't sell them pretty much anywhere in Australia.

And the posters.

No I did not take the Smurfs 2 poster.

What are you talking about?


As if I would would do that.

The Smurfs is for kids....


The End

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