A Promise of ChangeMature

"When did you become so mean?" He asked me. I stared at him in disbelief.

"I've always been like this. I've always been the same person." I laughed.

But then he shook his head.

"I remember talking to you at the beginning of last year. You were nice. You were a nice person then. What happened?" He asked me.

Chills ran through my body, even though it was hot. He was right.  I had changed. I guess I just hadn't realised it.

He walked out of the empty room and I closed the piano lid.

I put my head down on it.

After a few minutes, I got up, pushed the stool in and left.

I waited outside our school.

He thought I used to be nice?

Yeah, maybe when I was eight.

I haven't been a nice person for a long time but how else are you going to stand up for yourself in a public high school full of people who just love to put you down.

Apparently no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.


The thing is; change isn't necessarily good.

What if I was actually was nice?

What if I was just having a bad day?

What if I was sick of all the stupid douches at school (but thats all the time)

I don't know, and I probably never will.

I am a mean person.

Maybe I was nice once but I grew up until I was ten with just boys in my family (mum doesn't count).

I had to learn how to fire sarcastic comments back at everything that was said which is now just a habit.

But after that person said that to me....

I have made a promise to myself to maybe be nicer to people.

To maybe not be such a bitch all the time.

Yes it will be hard because its what I'm used to.

And I kind of like being the one that people are scared of...

It makes you feel powerful.

But enough is enough and I think I should change.

Of course I'm still going to be a sarcastic beotch... just less of a sarcastic beotch.

But at least its a start.

Its a promise of change and thats how everything starts.



The End

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