Wake up.

Have a shower.

Get dressed.

Eat breakfast or don't because i just got my braces tightened.

Do my sisters hair super pretty because she's blonde hand has nice hair.

Fail at my own hair.

Thread my headphones through the hole in my pocket so I can listen to music without getting my head[hones tangled.

Check my phone.

Go to school.

English, maths, geography, history, science or whatever the hell I have.

Go home.

Get dressed.

Eat dinner.

Go to work.

Get home.

Check Protagonize.

Go to bed.

Wake up.


There has to be something more to this pointless life. Doesn't there?

Though I was told that when you finish school, you hate not having a routine to follow.

But I think that may be different.

Sometimes I wish I could just go and live in a fantasy world. The Shire would be nice. Modern day Hogwarts would also be damn nice.

Plus, Neville Longbottom would be a teacher there still (maybe). I mean, have you seen him lately?



No offence but Divergent sounds really bad. Please do not tell me that it is an amazing book series and the movie will also be amazing. Each to their own. Not everyone like Lord of the Rings. And then I kill them.

But I know that not everyone likes Twilight.

Hell, I had to go through years of teasing because I loved Twilight.

Not everyone likes the same things. But sitting here right now listening to everyone rave about Divergent.... It sounds really pointless.

I'm sorry.

I'm actually not.

Well this didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be.

But thats life. Nothing ever turns out the way you want it to be.

Oh and Bob's mum wants him to apologize to me.

He won't.

The End

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