Mentos and CokeMature

Worst. Day. Ever.

Changing the names in this will probably get pretty confusing and I don't have much time because I have to get to work at 5.

Science was the last lesson today and because people that were at zone and I weren't there to choose the groups the day before, we had to just join a group. There were too many people in the group that we usually went in.

So of course we had to change the up-themselves group.

Lets just say what was going to be a fun experiment was going to go downhill. And fast.


Apparently, according to who we shall call Bob (not his real name, obviously), Bob 2 and Bob 3, I have AIDS and Gonorrhea (The Clap).

Obviously, I do not. I'm 15 and I have never even had a boyfriend. And have you seen my face? Why would anyone want to be sexually active with this potato that is named Cindy.

Not that I would want to do anything like that until I'm older though.

But the story goes like this:

Once upon a time we were stuck in a crappy group with people who would not listen to us and people who pretended to like me and say 'you're beautiful, I love you.'

No. Shut up. Look here Bob 2. I may have liked you once but that was like years ago before you turned into the delusional jerk you are now. I think the reason you are such a jerk now is because you found out that people actually liked you.

Well not anymore douchebag.

Anyway, we had to strap the coke to a mini sciencey trolley and then somehow put the mentos into it and measure how far it went.

We had to do the same thing with a cold coke and a warm coke.

So we suggested to use the cold coke first, before it went warm.

So what does Bob, Bob 2 and Bob 3 do?

Uses the warm one and then fails with the mentos because they ate half of them first.

Then after the coke has exploded and gone pretty much nowhere, Bob 3 decides to lick the coke of his arms (WTF) and Bob 2 decides to drink the remaining coke. Then passes the bottle to everyone else in the group like its freaking Vodka or something.


So then a friend of mine drinks out of it too and comments that 'he's going to get aids now because they'd all drunk out of the same coke and mentos bottle.

Somehow that turned back on me and suddenly according to Bob, I had AIDS and according to Bob 2, I had Gonorrhea.



Then other people walk up to us and come near me and Bob yelled out to them

'Don't touch Cindy, she's got AIDS'.

Now in high school, rumours spread like wildfire. Anyone could of heard that.

So you can see why when my dad found out, he now has texted Bob's parents and is saying that if he doesn't tell everyone that it was a joke, he'll tell the deputy principal who will suspend him and then hold an hour long assembly judging everyone for his misbehaviour.

Little do MY parents know, Bob will probably find a way to blame me.

So now I have to go to work and I'll probably get into trouble for something that I never did.

Bob will most likely say it was all my fault.

This is why I hate school sometimes.

Actually I hate stuck up douchebags who think they can get away with everything.

See you later, alligators.

Have a think about how much douchebags have ruined your life.

The End

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