Label: NerdMature

Lets get straight into it. I'm perfectly normal. No powers, no weird going-ons. I'm just the girl who is obsessed with chocolate.

Starting this was probably a bad idea. What if I write things that will somehow offend someone? Its happened before. So I'm just going to write the truth about things that happen.

Nothing in my life is perfect so...


Perfection. No one else thinks that that certain person is perfect. Why does he have to exist? I don't even know. It's not even like he's good looking like a god or something. He's not. No one else seems to be attracted to him. Sometimes I hate my brain.

You know what I really hate? Those books where the nerd (aka me) gets with the guy she likes even though they've talked once.

STOP LYING. That never happens. The only thing that happens is the two people pass each other and silence happens. They don't talk. They don't look at each other.


Is that even a word?

Is it now.

Since he doesn't start a conversation with me. I don't start a conversation with him. Now don't go getting all 'you should make a move' or 'its your fault, you should talk to him'.


Do not blame me. I can not hold conversations for crap. I can not start conversations unless its about Lord of the Rings and the other person actually knows what they are talking about.

Because if you say that movie-Frodo is better than book-Frodo....

Sit the hell down, shut the hell up and be prepared for a beating because you are so wrong.

Movie Frodo is a useless sack of potatoes.

Right so I think we just covered that the reason I'm an unattractive lump of potatoes is because I am a nerd.

A big one.

The End

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