One Of ManyMature

I don't usually open up to people. At all. So why not finally open up? Why not finally tell people more about me?
*Names and places have been changed (except my own name) for privacy, legal issues, protection and the like*


The names Cindy. Actually its Cynthia but call me that and I will murder you. If you do not know me, you should know that if I say I will murder you, it most likely will happen. If you do know me... well.... I feel sorry for you.

I'm 15 and I turn 16 this October which is a very long way away. Lets get one thing straight- not many people care about me.

I'm not tall, I'm not pretty and I'm not one of those bimbos that everyone thinks is 'oh-so-cool'. But I guess, not being the last one is a good thing.

Everyone says that I'm so short and everything but I"m actually average sized for my age its just that everyone else wears those damn high heeled shoes to school and I don't which makes me look small.

I have brown hair, brown eyes, sometimes tanned skin depending on whether my brain decides it wants to be pale or tanned on that day (retarded brain, I know)  and red nails at the moment although I'm not sure why you needed to know that. I have a large family. Two older brothers, one younger brother, one younger sister and one sister due in June.

I have a grandma who I call Yiayia because I'm half greek.

I have a nan who I call Nana because I'm half aussie.

I have aunts and uncles whom one is (which I only found out recently) a millionare.



I'm just one of many.

So, who would care for me?

The End

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