It is a romantic piece transformed into poetic verse. It is erotic to it's very core. It describes a one night sizzling encounter, Kim will probably revere all her life. Just enjoy.

Such pleasure only I can readily tell 
A tale of DEBAUCHERY gone wild 
Uncontrollably consuming, flesh upon flesh 
Fetish thoughts answered by an unprovoked ecstasy 

She yells his name, tongue gritted within her teeth 
Clutching the carpet, her hot searing posterior 
Captured by his muscled thighs  deeply enclosing 
Dampened, she groans such feverish moans 
Bodies entwined the fantasy’s barely begun 

"Play your cards Kim, indulge me" 
"My breasts’ throbbing painfully in need" 
With his tongue, he sizzles her tortured peaks 
She squirms, unable to stop the heated throbs 
Her heart on the edge, how much can she take? 
Will she survive this brazen encounter? 

Fingers down her soft flesh, gently tickling 
The feeling to laugh and scream all in a rush 
She displays such acts you’d think her an addict 
Every touch arouses as he playfully tickles 
Till he discovers her sleeping sensations 
Rattled and awoken by a single stroke, 
they leap in anticipation wondering 
What’s yet to come, how far will his antics go? 

Plunging deep, her thighs uncommonly sensitive 
He tickles her ripening spots, she's red hot 
Moaning, urging him to come further in 
“No rush Darling, I only intend to pleasure you” 
His lips crawling with a wicked smile 
“Just lay back and enjoy” Oh God 
Heaven never tasted any sweeter than this 

He claimed her lips with a perfectionist kiss 
Then her neck, ear lobe she could take it no more 
Sinking deep into the abyss of decadence 
She wondered if Cleopatra came close to enjoying this 
From Julius Caesar or her valiant lover Antony 

Eyes shut tight, she silently begs for consummation 
Like he’d read her thoughts, he enters her centre 
Of unholy and unruly paradise, she greeted him 
Clasping the tightness of his abdomen 
Giving way to his virile masculinity 

Eyes shut tight again, letting go off propriety 
Sojourn in bliss, she kisses his cleft 
Beckoning him to her moist paradise 

Then the night gave way to the early sunrise 
Secrets hidden that could make the morning sun blush 
Such clever acts of decadence only I can readily tell

The End

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