One new message - Sept.

"What the hell is going on?" He yelled, fuming.
"Nothing worse than you've done, scumbag!" Mark roared back, leaping forward in front of me, "How could you, how could you?!  You had the most beautiful girl in school, and what, that wasn't enough for you?  You had to go screw around with the neighbourhood slut?  You're a disgrace.  At least I care for her, I respect her.  That's something you've never done, and you know that."  Shaking his head, Mark looked pensive for a moment.  Then, all of a sudden he jerked forward, and spat in his face. Turning on his heel, he looked to me, then walked back into the bar.
Wiping the spit from his face, the now humiliated boy took a few steps towards me.  "Listen, you can't trust what he's saying.  You know me baby, I'd never do that to you.  He's been hanging around, and I swear, he's trying to break us up!  I saw him force himself onto you, did he hurt you?"  He began to put his hands around my waist.
I slapped him.
"Do you really think I'm that dumb?" I hissed, "I know what you've been up to- hell, I saw you two!  I don't know what makes me feel worse, the fact that you betrayed me and decided to mess around with that skank, or that I didn't have the guts to walk up to you then and there and do what I've wanted to do since. Actually..." I broke off.  I glared at him, and in one swift movement, kneed him in the groin and walked away as he fell to his knees.  "Don't bother trying to fix this, we're through."  I went towards the bar, looking for Mark.
As I approached the open doorway, I saw Lyla and Phoebe, looking to me, their jaws almost hitting the floor.  Phoebe looked from me to where Mark was by the bar, then over to the guy outside kneeling and wincing in pain, then back to me.  She asked curiously, "Is it always this dramatic with you?"  Lyla and I looked at each other and laughed.
We went over to the bar, joining Mark.  I sat down next to him, and gave his hand a squeeze.  "We're finished," I whispered, gesturing outside where a bunch of jocks were crowding around, laughing at my now-ex.  "Good." He smiled, placing his hand on my cheek. "Oh, go get a room!" Lyla cut in, rolling her eyes.  We laughed, and Phoebe ordered a round of drinks.
"This past week has been rather hectic, wouldn't you say?"  Lyla asked, resting her chin on her palm."It's been a bit too much for me, that's all I can say" I remarked, letting out a chuckle, "I think I'm going to need a bit of a break now!" "Well, we've got all of summer ahead of us now, haven't we?" Mark said, leaning over and giving me a kiss.  
Soon after, our drinks arrived.  "Well then, here's to summer!" Phoebe exclaimed, raising her glass."To summer!" We replied in unison, raising our glasses and smiling at each other.
So this is where I am now. A new relationship, a new friend, a new me.

A new start.

The End

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