One new message - Six.

As we reached the edge of the balcony, I looked out over the edge. The bar was situated in a really beautiful spot, right out on the edge of town, with the balcony looking out over the beach and the sea. The black murky waters shimmered, and the dark sky was sprinkled with stars that shone like diamonds. "It's beautiful isn't it?" I commented, looking up towards the stars. He turned to me, "Yeah.. you really are."
What? I spun round to face him, and as I did I saw something in his expression. Something, I couldn't describe, was it love?  From what Lyla had said before, and what she and Phoebe seemed to be suggesting, were they really on to something?  I really had been quite blind.
I looked at Mark, taking in his features fully. Since I had met him he had really changed. He had gone from the gawky boy that sat at the back of the class, to what, a good-looking guy? His short brown hair stopped just short of his eyebrows, his hazel eyes had a sense of warmth and sincerity about them. Looking down past his lips, his jawline had become more defined, as had the rest of his physique. Yes, he had become quite the young man, and -dare I say it- thinking about it, I felt as if I had been quite an idiot all along. He was the perfect guy for me, good-looking, caring, funny, and he had been like my best friend for what seemed like forever.
Why had I been so stupid?!
He leaned in, and whispered in my ear, "I know this may be a little bit weird, having been your friend for almost forever," he laughed nervously, "but I'd really like it if we could go out sometime, like, maybe as more than friends?  I understand that a lot of things are happening right now, and if you don't feel comfortable about it, then I truly respect that.  It's just that I can't stand watching other guys treating you like you're not the most amazing girl in the world."
I blushed, was he really meaning this?  I'd never heard words sweeter than this.  I threw my arms around him, hugging like there was no tomorrow.  I beamed up at him, and he smiled down to me.  "Is this a yes?" He asked, an eyebrow raised, "or is this another one of your girly ways that are designed to look like a yes, but really mean a no.. or was it the other way round?"
"It's a yes you fool!" I snapped, laughing with him.  "I just... have to break up with that other idiot first.""What, you mean you two are still together?" His face became serious, "How could you? ...after everything he did!""Well, he doesn't know that I know... I was still trying to figure out how to do it"  I sighed, looking down at my feet.  I really should have done it earlier.  Was he going to change his mind?  There was a long pause.
Eventually, he spoke.  "Well," he sighed, "I'm always going to be here for you.  You go do what you need to, and I promise I'll be waiting if you're still interested in little ol' me."  I smiled, and gave him another hug.  I decided that I had to go end it with the idiot now.  If I did it anywhere where we were alone he'd try to talk me out of it, or say I was being 'irrational'.  I turned to go, but just as I was about to leave I heard Mark's voice again, "Wait, there was something I wanted to give you."  I faced him, a puzzled look on my face.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a long thin black box.  "Here, I bought this for you" he said, giving me the box.  I opened it, to find a stunning silver necklace.  It had a thin silver cord, hanging on which was a simple locket, in the shape of a heart.  On the heart was an embossed rose, with intricate details for the petals and the leaves.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I looked to Mark, "How did you know?" I asked.  I had been wanting this necklace for a long while, but had never had enough money to buy it.  "Lyla told me" he replied.  Ah. I should have known.
"Will you help me put it on?" I asked, holding it up around my neck, "I have the dexterity of a fish."  He laughed, and took the two ends of the necklace.  Having fastened them together, he rested his hands on my shoulders.  Having someone so close usually made me feel uncomfortable and insecure, but somehow this was different.  I turned to face him.  "I'm gonna go..." I started, looking up into his eyes, but I was rooted to the ground.  He placed a hand under my chin, tilting my head upwards.  He ran his thumb over my bottom lip, skimming his hand to my cheek.  He smiled, looking down at my mouth.  He leaned forward, and I leaned in to meet him.  His lips descended onto mine not with lust or reckless abandon, but with a mixture of passion and care.  I slid my arms around his neck, and his hands moved to the small of my back.  It wasn't until I heard Phoebe squeal in the background that I remembered where we were.  I pulled away, a coy smile on my face.  "Right, er, yes, I'm just going to go break up with him now." I stammered, gathering my composure and turning to walk back into the bar to find the idiot.
Only to find him standing right in front of me.

The End

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