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As I woke up, I could sense that I had not been long out. The party was still going, and I had just been moved outside on to the balcony. I felt the warm breeze blowing through my hair, the first hint of the summer that was yet to come.  I sat up, and took in my surroundings. My head had been rested on Lyla's lap, with Mark and Phoebe sitting oposite her. They broke off their banter and smiled down at me.
"Hello there, decided to join us again, have you?" Lyla remarked sarcastically.Mark chipped in with a solemn face, "I'm so sorry, I really didn't mean to hurt you...""Ah, it's alright", I cut him off with a playful slap, "whats a friend if you can't bruise them up from time to time?" His face fell, and Lyla looked to him with an eye of sympathy.  Did I say something wrong?  I didn't mean to offend him!
...He got up to leave, "Let me go get some drinks for you girls, I'll be back in a bit."  As he walked away, Phoebe turned to me.  "...what do you mean, 'friend'? You mean you guys aren't dating? ...I thought you were..", obviously quite bemused.  Lyla then explained to her that Mark was 'just a friend', but personally she thought we should be more - which she emphasized with a very pointed look.  I shook my head and began to wonder why I even tried to protest, any form of argument with Lyla was a pointless one.  Phoebe had perked up however, and the two began plotting to 'set us up' somehow. 
I looked through the open doors of the balcony.  Mark was standing rather awkwardly by the bar, waiting for the drinks to be made.  Having been the center of the fight that had taken place -what, less than an hour ago?- it was unsurprising that no-one was talking to him, especially as it had been him that had started the fight, as Phoebe had told me."...and then we could set the building on fire, forcing them to work together to get out!  See? I'd be an awesome matchmaker, right?" Lyla finished.  I didn't even want to know the beginning of her plan.  "Don't you think that's a bit extreme?" Phoebe ventured, a slightly worried expression on her face, "Here, leave it to me.  I've got a knack for things like this." Lyla looked puzzled, but Phoebe simply smiled and gestured towards Mark, who was making his way back from the bar.
Oh gosh, I thought. What was she going to do?  I couldn't really stop her doing anything, as that would make the whole thing blatantly obvious!  I shot a glare at both Lyla and Phoebe, before smiling at Mark, who was just about back.
He came over with a tray of drinks, and handed out glasses to each of us. "Right, this one for you, Lyla this is yours, this is mine, and Phoebe, here you go-""Ahhh!!" Phoebe squealed, as the wet glass slipped through her fingers and spilled onto her dress. "I just bought this! Lyla, come with me to the washroom, please?  Last time I went in by myself someone thought I wanted to buy drugs!""But there's no- oh! Sure thing, I heard it's kinda dangerous sometimes..." Lyla said, following along.  The two trotted off like the new best friends that they were, leaving me alone with Mark.  "So... How are you feeling now?" He asked, looking out to the stars.  I looked around.  Sure enough, Lyla and Phoebe were watching from afar, giggling like the schoolgirls they were.  I'd need to get them back for this later.  I let out a sigh, "I feel a bit better now, actually.""Come on, there's something I want to show you" he said, offering me a hand.
I could almost hear the squeal of the two girls as I took his hand and followed him to the edge of the balcony.

The End

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