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Soon enough it was Saturday night, and the much-awaited party was in full swing. The girls were dancing, the guys were watching, and everyone was drinking. Everyone, that is, apart from me. Lyla and I sat at the end of the bar, her slurring her words and smiling at a bunch of guys while I sat thinking how I could get out. There was nothing really interesting anyway. I saw Susie earlier on, dancing with the guys like the socialite she was. Skank. I also saw the guy we had shared- a thought that quite repulsed me- joking around with the other jocks. Git.

Lyla ordered another drink for herself, this must have been what, her seventh? I made a mental note to not let her have any more. Just then, Mark came out from a group of guys, coming to the bar to order some drinks. Lyla perked up as he sat down next to me, leaned forward, and slurred into his ear, "Why don you juss tell her what you tol' me, eh? I think you should, really should... You've got your chance! Goooooo!" A flash of red flew across his face. I had heard everything she had just said. "I... need to go the loo. Excuse me." He stuttered, dashing off. Lyla proceeded to laugh at the word 'loo'.
A few non-alcoholic drinks later, Lyla started to come down from her high. As usual she began to protest that she really hadn't had that much, and that I was a wuss for not joining her for the drinks. I jollied her along, with the occasional 'Sure, sure', waiting for her to slump onto the bar as she usually did about this time.
It was then I noticed that the buzz of the crowd had died, and everyone was crowding around to watch something. I would have gotten up to go see it myself but Lyla had fallen unconscious, resting her head on her arms on the bar. If I left her there would be no telling what could happen. So I stayed, and ordered another soda.
I tried to make out what was going on, but above the sound of the music I could only distinguish that there were probably two people getting into a fight over some trivial matter. I lost interest, and began to talk to the bartender. I asked if things like this happened a lot in here. "Not as much as you'd think" he replied, "I think it's about some girl... it usually is."
"Ah... poor her, I wouldn't like to be in her shoes right now. That'd be pretty awkward. This is meant to be a party!" I joked.
"Yes, but what is a party without a scandal!" and with that, he winked at me and left to go pour some more drinks.
I looked back to Lyla, who was unsurprisingly still knocked out on the bar surface. Focusing my attention back onto the supposed fight that was now taking place, I tried to make out what -or who- the people were fighting over. I couldn't make out anything. Suddenly, one girl came out from the huddle of onlookers and rushed over to me. I recognized her from a few of my classes, but we had never really spoken much.
"They're fighting over you, you know!" she squealed. "You should go settle it, I think they're going to hurt each other soon!" I couldn't believe it. Me? I had gone from being alone and cheated on to having not just one, but two guys wanting my attention. "But I can't leave Lyla, she'll end up in trouble if I leave her alone..." I remarked.
"Oh don't worry, I'll watch her for you.. My friend gets like this sometimes too. My name's Phoebe by the way."
"Well thanks Phoebe, you're a lifesaver!" I exclaimed, rushing over to the crowd.
It was then I saw Mark. Fighting with the very fellow who he knew had cheated on me. I winced as I stepped forward, finally being able to hear what they were shouting about. "You never appreciated her, you always took her for granted, she deserves someone better than the likes of you!" Mark roared. He took a step forward, and gave him a shove. I was surprised at how strong he was, as it caused the jock to stumble backwards. However he regained his footing moments later and retaliated by punching Mark square in the face. He was knocked to the floor, and a small trickle of blood began to ooze out from his nose.
I had to intervene. This was getting too much, and I didn't want to see Mark get hurt. Sure, he could probably hold his own for a while, but when it came down to it, he would lose. I pushed my way to the front of the crowd, and stepped in between the two.
"Guys, stop it! This isn't helping anyone." I yelled, having to physically hold them back at arms length from each other. "You're right" commented Mark, "Why bother with someone who's gonna treat you like dirt?"
"Well at least I'm not stealing someone's girlfriend!"
"Oh is that how you see it? Last time I checked when you sleep with another girl you don't really have the right to say something like that!" Mark bellowed. He broke away from my grip, and went to throw another punch. Just as he was about to hit him, he dodged out of the way, and his fist hit me instead. I fell to the floor, my head spinning with the pain.
The last thing I saw before I passed out was Mark's face, hanging over me, whispering, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

The End

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