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"There you are!" Lyla called out from the bleachers, "I've been looking all over for you! ...what happened?"
"I.. I was with Mark. He knew too. He was going to tell me.""Awww, that Mark is such a sweetheart. You know, I've always thought... you should have dated him instead. He's always been there for you, you know... and personally, I think he's got a bit of a sweet spot for you!""He does not!" I protested "...he's just... a good friend, that's all."
"Are you nuts?!? Have you seen him lately? He's always asking me about you, how you are, if you're feeling alright... You can't tell me he doesn't have feelings for you!""W-well.." I stuttered.. Did he?  I had been so caught up recently that I had barely noticed. Although, thinking about it... He had been around a lot lately."Anywaaay... Look what I've got" Lyla broke in, taking out from behind her back the very object that I was planning to take from the changing rooms: that stupid baseball cap. "Now... what shall we do with this?"  A menacing smile broke out on our faces.  I stared at the cap, pouring all of my anger, confusion and hatred into that one object.  I wanted to trample it, cast it to the ground, burn it and grind it's ashes into the dirt.  Just like he had done to me.
...but I couldn't bring myself to cause it harm. "I can't do this, Lyla." I sighed."What? Oh come on! It's just a bloody hat. It's not like you're tearing his world apart!""I know, but doing this would be stooping to his level. I'm better than that.""Oh.. oh fine." Lyla said, giving in, "...I don't have a lighter on me anyway... Oh don't give me that look, you were thinking it too!"  She tossed the cap onto the grass, and we walked off towards the school building. "Let the idiot find it himself."
On the bus home, I felt like crying again.  I sat by myself as Lyla had band rehearsal, and the cheating idiot had another practice.  So I sat alone, and watched the world go by.  I noticed Mark was also sitting by himself, and, upon seeing me, he came over and sat next to me.  He sat quiet for a while, then put his arm around my shoulder and asked me if I wanted to talk.  I considered putting on a brave face and giving him my mock smile, but something about the moment made me open up to him.  I stayed quiet, not wanting anyone else but him to hear, and began to tell him everything.  He didn't interrupt once, letting me vent my true feelings, without judging and without criticizing.
He offered to walk me home.  I accepted. 
As we got off the bus, I felt something that I hadn't felt in a long while.  It was a warm feeling, not of passion or anticipation, but of care and safety.  We soon reached my house, his arm around my shoulder, a smile on his face, and as we approached the doorstep I felt a pang of, what was it, sorrow?  I felt compelled to stay, but considering that we were at my house, I was obliged to turn and leave.  He was stood beside me, unmoving and looking down to my face... at my lips? Suddenly a bird swooped off from a nearby tree, making me jump.  Hurriedly, I said goodbye, and reached for the door handle. "I'll see you at the party tomorrow yeah?" He asked.  "Yeah, I'll see you then."  I shut the door behind me, and sighed.  
...Why hadn't I see this before?

The End

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