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'Hey hun. told gf i hav family dnnr. wnna meet up?'

"WHAT?!" Lyla screeched, grabbing my phone, "THAT SON OF A B-"
"Calm down Lyla! I don't wanna get us thrown out of the restaurant! Plus, I'm sure it's nothing. Maybe it's Susie, they're good friends..."
"What, skanky Susie? Susie who made out with half the football team at the spring break party? ...yes, I'm sure they're good friends" Lyla remarked, rolling her eyes, "and anyway" she continued, "why would he lie to you if it was just nothing?"
"I... I don't know. But I trust him, he wouldn't do anything stupid, right?" But to be honest I wasn't so sure anymore. We had been dating for just over two months, and things had seemed fine... Although now that I had started thinking about it, he had been canceling quite a few of our dates. Lyla had been complaining about him for the past few days, but I had always defended him. But was she seeing something that I hadn't? "That scumbag skank has had her eye on him since she set eyes on him at that bloody pool party last week..." Lyla continued, "and skanky Susie gets what skanky Susie wants. I'm sorry honey, but you need to get a hold of yourself. He's cheating on you." I lowered my eyes. No, it couldn't be... I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, but I refused to let them fall.

We had been so perfect together, we were the new sweethearts in school. He was on the rugby team and I on the hockey squad, us cheering each other on as we fought to win each of our games. People used to whisper as we walked past towards the fields to be alone. We used to spend hours just lying down in the barley fields talking about our days, wishing our lives away for more time and more chances to live our dreams. He wanted to be a professional athlete, me a schoolteacher. We'd dream of our futures, at that point I was naive enough to believe that we'd be together, but I guess that was just one more dream I'd have to put aside.
Lyla reached across the table and gave my hand a squeeze as another tear slid down my cheek. "It's ok honey, we'll get him back for it. I feel sorry for him actually. He'll miss out on the greatest thing that ever happened to him. I can go beat the skank up for you if you want..." She offered, "I'll make her wish she never transferred here..." I smiled weakly, but deep down my heart felt like it was sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness of solitude. I felt so hollow, and it hurt.

It took a while, but eventually we left the restaurant, and began to walk home through the darkness of the night. I reached into my bag for my mirror; my makeup had run and I now looked like Marylin Manson in the rain, according to Lyla. As we turned the corner I spotted some other people from our school. Seeing my expression, Lyla grabbed my arm and pulled me in the other direction, "Come on," she whispered, "maybe we should take the scenic route this time." We walked down a pathway that led through the park, and I stopped to wipe my face with some tissues. It was then we saw them.

At first I didn't realize it was them, and I kept babbling to Lyla about what I was going to do when I got back to school, namely just focus on trying not to think about it and burying myself in work. But suddenly Lyla pricked up her ears like a dog, and beckoned me to be quiet. I continued, not noticing her attempts to get me to shut up, until she placed her hand over my mouth and glared at me. I looked back at her, confused, when she pointed to what had gotten her attention. There, between the trees, stood my beau with another girl. Susie.

I felt all the sorrow and despair within me turn to rage as I saw what they were doing. The feeble light from the lampposts above shone down through the trees onto them, giving just enough light for me to see them tear my hopes of his innocence to shreds, leaving me burning with the desire to tear through the bushes and carry out some form of vengeance.

They were going to pay.

The End

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