One Morning!

My best friend,Sarah Hart and i set out for school that fateful morning;without any inkling that something would go was the  day that would mark the end of our six year sojourn at Edgeware High School.

As we moved briskly from our house,we were so engrossed in our discussion with centered around life after high school;that we didn't notice an on coming vehicle making its way from the rear.before we could retrace our steps,the driver hit my friend and she landed on her back with a loud thud! i screamed and shrieked with fear and called out my friend's name;SARAH!

Passers-by and other motorists began to converge around a now unconscious sarah and someone quickly called The ambulance and Thank God they responded swiftly.The driver of the ill fated vehicle was immediately questioned by the police and his car;impounded.

In no time,we raced to the hospital while i used the opportunity to put a call through to Sarah's Dad who met us there.The Battle for Sarah's life began.we were worried sick but we kept our fingers crossed and hoped for the best.After a gruelling three hours(it was indeed a long wait),The Emergency Room Doctor told us that Sarah was alright and had regained consciousness but would be in the hospital for the next couple of days on bedrest and to  be duly observed.I offered a silent prayer of Thanksgiving;knowing full well that my friend was alive and on her road to recovery.

For the first time that morning i remembered we had missed our exams.i had to quicky dash to school and presented myself to our head teacher;explaining why i missed the exams.Thankfully,she understood and promised to facilitate a reschedule of the paper for me and sarah.i was so happy and suddenly i felt this ache in my head that i had to ask her for some aspirins.She suggested that i go home after a long day.

By the time i got to my house,i narrated our ordeal to my family,took a shower and hit my pillow(s)it was indeed ONE HELL OF A MORNING!

The End

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