“You’ve got to swear to look after it! Not like the last one!”

“Oh my God that was one time! One time! And it wasn’t even my fault!”

Yes, it was. Definitely his fault. And they both knew it. They’d never actually speak of it. Ever. But it was definitely, his. Fault.

“You want another?”

She nodded a ‘yeah please’ and watched him go. They seemed to encourage a certain level of stupidity in each other, and that fateful night was absolutely their most stupid. In hindsight, it was funny as shit. Only in hindsight, with years behind them and that eventful night. Of course she’d sold him her car. She’d rather it stay with family anyway. She finished the last little bit of her whiskey and looked around the bar. She loved the idea that there were people who could party on a Tuesday the way most did on the weekend. There was a good little buzz of activity, and truth be told, if you didn’t know what day it was you’d think it was Saturday night.

Her brother came back after what felt like three years, with a bearded man by his side who seemed to carry his own air of celebration. He was animated and carrying a couple of drinks, and took up the seat opposite her.

“Charlotte this is Blake. Sorry I just bought a whole lot the line is so fucking long I didn’t want to go back.”

“Hey how you going.”

“So good how you?”

“Bloody good mate. How do you two know each other?”

She got the spiel from Tom that they crossed paths through work every now and again. They hadn’t seen each other for a while, but Blake was here celebrating a ‘seriously weird good luck moment’ at work when he’d spotted Tom at the bar.

“Are you going up for your mums birthday as well?”

Okay, so Tom and Blake obviously knew each other well enough for that to be common knowledge.

“Yep. I just bought her car so we’ll be road tripping so I can break her in!”

“Oh vomit. Road trip? No thank you!”

“Well lucky you weren’t invited then hey!”

“Cheers to that!”

So celebrate they did. Blake, finally getting to do an editorial on his own, Tom, for finally getting his hands on his sisters car, and Charlotte just went along for the ride, because you know, good times!

The End

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