Two old friends come back into each others lives.

Charlotte hadn’t changed at all since they’d last seen each other. Not in the way she dressed, the way she spoke. Even her hair was the same. She was rummaging through her handbag trying to get a hold of her phone that was obnoxiously cutting through the gentle hum of the cafe they were at. She even swore the same. When she finally had it in her hand, she huffed and rolled her eyes once she saw who she’d missed. For the best. She put her handbag back down and squared up to the woman sitting opposite her.

“Fucking Tom has been on my case about buying my bloody car.” Gesticulated the same way too. “I swear to God-” she paused as the waitress put their coffee’s on the table. The woman opposite her exploding as soon as she had a sip.

“Excuse me! You want to bring me some coffee that actually has some caffeine it it!?” The waitress turned around and nodded at her quickly before rushing back to the counter.

She gruffed a ‘what?’ at Charlotte’s glare. Charlotte merely shook her head. The woman opposite her had hardened over the last couple of years. She felt it as soon as she sat down. That sharp jawline held no welcome smile, and only confirmed her initial observation as she had walked towards her when she first arrived. Cold.

They eyed each other for a couple of moments, before Charlotte averted her eyes, cupping the mug of coffee in her hands. An array of emotions were making themselves known. This was not the woman she remembered.

That chocolate smooth voice cut through her thoughts. No bite, almost resigned. “What do you want Charlotte?”

And off she went. Hundred miles an hour explaining all about her mums 60th birthday and how it was a huge event up at the farm with a mass of people that she hadn’t seen in forever and a day and her brother was coming in from America and all the cousins were coming in from wherever they were and this cool little band was coming to play and it was going to be a whole weekend affair which would probably turn out to be a week because lets face it her mum likes to party and nobody’s seen anybody in such a long time and her mum just really wants a big huge shindig with all the people that meant the world to her and she mentioned in passing the other day that she hadn’t seen Natasha in ages and just had this idea that maybe she’d want to come with.

A fresh cup of coffee appeared before Natasha, and she gave a sarcastic ‘thankyou’ as the waitress practically ran away. She looked at Charlotte over her mug as she took a sip. “When is it?”

“15th. I’m driving up that morning-”

“You want me to road trip too?”

“What? No I was just-”

“I though you were selling your car?”

Charlotte didn’t know how to talk this version of Natasha, so she stopped trying. There seemed to be no hints of the woman she knew. The one thing she could see was her thumb rubbing furiously against her index finger. Something that had developed since they’d last seen each other. She had no idea what it meant. She pulled out a notepad and wrote down the basics of the party, then handed it over.

Natasha glanced from the piece of paper, to Charlotte and then back. She leant back into her seat, took a large sip of her coffee, and put the piece of paper in her pocket. “I’ll see” was all she said before she got up and left Charlotte to try and make some sense of what had just happened.

The End

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