All That is Gold...

upon reaching the blue light of the cave, the mermaids all giggled and splashed, obviously taking great delight at my inability to leave the cave. I frowned, not feeling any love towards them at all now that I was here.

"You fishtails want to tell me where the treasure is?" I said, interrupting their playtime.

They looked at eachother and shrugged, as if to say; "Whats the harm? He cant take it anywhere." Then they swam off through a different tunnel. I followed them, glad to get out of this cold grotto, just because I could see and the water was no longer cold to me didnt mean it was an altogether pleasant place.

We came out in a very different place. This room, more like large hall, was piled high with gold, silver, and expensive looking tapestries, rugs, and paintings. The air was surprisingly dry for the fact that canals ran through the water in between the stone platforms that these treasures sat upon. The girls laughed at my awe and kept swimming towards the end of the hall where there was a lot of cloth. It seemed to be the bedroom for these girls, who jumped out of the water and were suddenly human, with legs. they quickly wrapped themselves in velvet drapes, like togas and played together among the cushions that lay here, covering the hard stone floor. I tried to follow, eager to feel land under my feet again, but to no avail, I flopped around on the stone for a bit before falling back to the water. Whatever magic gave them legs gave no such privilege to me.

The girls laughed more as they saw my attempt and completely humiliated, I sank below the water, trying, literally to drown out the noise. What could I have done to have deserved such a fate? I called out silently to God and Neptune and anyone else who might listen.

The End

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