Crashing Down

The bell rang and the crowd dispersed. Enough for me to see Riza and enough for her to see me. She turned around and started walking away.

"Hey! Hold up!" I yelled. 

Riza skidded to a stop and smiled at me. I knew that smile. It was the smile that all the boys in our grade went crazy for. "Hi Mira.'

I shoved the picture to her and exploded. "Hi? Is that all you can say? Riza I can't believe you did that!" I say gesturing to the photo.

She scans it and hope fluttered inside me. She might just go back to being the old Riza I know and love. "I look good don't I?'

Or not.

"Riza, look! Have you seen the comments already?" I sigh exasperated.

"Okay look, M. Don't get yCriour pants in a bunch. This is the last." She said solemn.


"Yeah. You can come with me next time!" She beamed.

I couldn't believe it! She thought I was mad because I didn't come.

"Excuse me, shouldn't you be getting to class?" The hall monitor asked us.

Riza ran her hand through her hair "Okay, here's what I think. We'll talk about this later at lunch." She says walking away to her first class.

Fuming and frustrated, the dark emotions I had been feeling earlier grew as I entered class. I didn't listen to Ms. Summers as I drew squiggles on my journal.

Circles, going round and round

The pain seizing and crippling

What's wrong with me?

Those bitter emotions fueled me until I couldn't breath. I did the only thing I could, I thought of Kevin. I calmed down but the anger and bitterness at my fall out with Riza earlier remained. 

I ended the class with high spirits as I ran to Kevin's locker. He'd know what to do. He always did. 

Well, he was doing something I didn't expect.

He was kissing Jane.

The End

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