One Mile With FriendsMature

Kassidy and Cassidy where one good pair until they were torn apart. It's up to both of them to fight there dreams and still stay as buddies. This starts in small town Spanish Fork,UT and it will last a lifetime

Kassidy and Cassidy were heading home. It was bright,and sunny day and they were to do their handshake. It goes a little like this; Air high five, air knucles,air chestbumps and now you know, slap your foot, play a game, slap your knees 3 times a day. They do that everyday almost, but Kassidy had something to tell. " Cassidy I need to tell you something."  "Yea what is it, but first is it good news or bad news."  " Um, bad news I am moving to Wyoming at the end of school year."  " Oh" said Cassidy. Kassidy herself knew that Cassidy was super sad and so was she.

This made them think of their friendship. They said see ya tommorrow and they left the coner. Kassidy felt gilt to tell Cassidy so soon, but she did not think before acting. Could this be the end of course not, Kassidy was not letting this move ruin the friendship.

When Kassidy got home she sat in her room, and she thought more of the move then anything else. Here is the list of ideas she made:

1. hide in closet

2. get facebook or have web cam

3. come down every month

4. live with Cassidy

5.feel guilt the rest of my life

Well, there is nothing she could do probly. Just at that minute Cassidy was at her house thinking about what Kassidy said. Will this friendship end.


The End

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