James: late...Mature

"Emily? I'm home! Sorry I'm late, Sarah asked me to pick up some things for her on the way back."
I wander through to the kitchen, and see my daughter at the stove, cooking god knows what.

"History done?" I ask, giving her a hug, much to her surprise.
"Wha-? Yes! Yes I did it!" She says, almost panicing at my unusual show of affection, "The job went well then?"
"Extraordinarily so." I reply, letting her go and examining the stove. "What on earth is this? Smells good whatever it is."
"It's budae jjigae. It's a kind of leftovers stew. I found a recipe online and thought it looked good."
I try a bit, it's quite spicy, but very nice, and I tell her as much. Again, she seems surprised at my compliment. I sigh inwardly. Maybe I've been to hard on her, maybe a holiday would be a good idea. Somewhere sunny perhaps, or the Alps.
"I'll be in the study if you need me, give me a yell when dinner's ready, I'll give you a quick test when we're done."

Once a quick scan of my study reveals no detectable bugs or spy cameras, I open the folder that contains the details for my next hit. The first page is headed by a name, underlined and in bold print.

'General' Keith Jatener

The End

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