Reece: In the cityMature

After getting off the plane hitting my my hotel room it was time to read the reports. Alright shot from a far , body found 30 minutes after death. That was usually what it was. Then it came down to reading the rings on the bullet , but that turned was bought off the black market , and the black market has a bad habit of not having records. 

" This isn't going to be easy."  I mutter leaning far back on a swivel chair, " Well in this world you can only dodge so much , and being a hitman you get payed loads, so eventually your money is going to hit the bank accounts,but thats going to take a long time to shift through that list. But Its my only way."  I say outloud because I was at the point where I couldn't organize thoughts in my head.  I write my plan down , Phone up Kieth to get me permission to look through bank account receieving high amounts of coinage. Then I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. 

The next morning I received the information needed to run a program on my computer which will shift through everything for me and bring all my suspects from 1000 down to a measly sum of 40.  40 is a alot but from there experience can lead you through.  Once the comuter begins its operations its time tune in on to pig radio.

The End

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