Reece: Professional killer, of killersMature

I take one last drag on the ciggarete then cocked my assualt rifle , and stood up in the dessert land scape giving my posistion away to the enemy. One rule of camping never give away your posistion , unless you are me. Who can hit a dime from 10 kilometers away with high winds with the world 5th most powerful sniper rifle. Yeah I have an ego but have skill to back it up. I see the flash of a scope just over the sand dune , within seconds my assualt rifle makes a few bangs and reports some kick and my enemy is dead.

" What a waste I knew I didn't need a sniper for this?" I laugh  and let my assualt rifle hang loosely off my shoulders. I make a slow hike up the hill and roll the dead body over.  I ripped the dogtags off the soldier they read Major Blake Winters. My qestion to myself was it a good thing he died. I looked over the file , he left the millitary a few weeks ago and was recruited as a hitmen.

I felt badly for killing what could have been me, but hell my job is legal most of the time they's are not. I did however respect each and every hitman I met. I could have ended up like them after I left  the military , but luckily got a job about hunting my kind. People who couldn't live down the fight the excitment , the guns.  I ripped the name tags and made a small treck out to my jeep.  I write another checkmark on a checkboard. If you counted all the checkmarks you would end up counting up to 150. Thats how many hitmen I have killed succesfully. That didn't include the few that payed me off.My sattelite radio phone went off.

" Reece, are you done in africa yet?"  It was my boss who ranked as a general but really wasn't millitarily trained just an administrator and strategist. His name is Kieth Jatener

" Yeah , immpeccable timing I just finished with Major Winters."

" Alright we have something closer to home but you going to have to play detective these guys are hard to get too. We are a go to play there little hitman game. But your going to have to get the info like I said these guys cover their tracks." General Jatener says.

" Alright sounds like fun." I say then hung up.

Its been a while since I had to do detective work to catch my target but the longer the job the longer a unfortunte me gets to last.

The End

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