One long night

"The following story is fictional. Any connection between it and reality is purely coincidential".

She was standing in the bathroom, shaking.

Her pleasant reflection stared at her from the dusty mirror, as if trying to figure out what they were both doing there.

She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and nervously whispered to her interlocutor: "Oh, G-d, Please, just this once. Help us. Please. I've never asked anything in my 27 years of existence. Please!" She paused for a while, waiting for her heartbeats to moderate.

She opened her eyes five minutes later, surprisingly feeling a little better. "Maybe talking to him does help sometimes ", a bitter thought crossed her anxious mind.
She straightened her dress – same dress that only several hours earlier made their world look brighter. Happiness is such a slippery thing. 

She was stepping towards the heavy copper door, pinching her cheeks to put some life and color in them, then opened the door gently. 

And there he was - her newly husband, sitting among a bunch of hostile men – " a rose among the throns".

It was her second marriage and a pure comfort after the first one.
HER FIRST ONE. she sighed quietly, unable to prevent the shuddering that wrapped her exhausted body. Her first husband and marriage that even now, three years after they were ended, still affected every step of her life.
Ironically ,especially today ---

They showed-up right after the Chuppah, stern and starched. Two policemen with no sentiment in their hearts or faces. They firmly took the newlyweds aside to the "Yichud room" , the room they were supposed to meet anyhow at this hour but alone and united, not frightened and accompanied by two complete strangers. "Mazal Tov. We are sorry for the inconvenience", the taller one started. She couldn’t stifle the grin: "Inconvenience, that's a nice word for this poor situation". 

He continued, speaking to her husband as if she was absent:" we have a reason to believe that your wife was the last to see Mr. Goldberg, our deceased".
She lost her breath. The room went black and she had to sit. DECEASED? Ronny was dead?
He was so alive this morning.
"Can't it wait until the end of the wedding? OUR wedding, sir"? Her husband was practical and calculated. He did not look at her. She was now absent to all of them. Her husband's unfamiliar distance was painful and she could not stand it.  Not from him.
She knew they had nothing to worry about. She did not do anything.
She despised Ronny for so many reasons; his verbal and physical abuse , his terror, his sick possessiveness in all these years. But she was not a murderer. She knew that. But did her husband know that too?

They were taken from the "Yichud room" through a side door, leaving their unaware families and guests alone, to a dark car waiting outside. She could not stop thinking about the contradiction and irony between the black, supposedly camouflaged car and her brighter than the moon dress.

On their way to the interrogation room, he whispered to her:"We're together in this" and the air was in her lungs again. One more time, he proved to be the opposite side of the scale. An anchor after years of destructive hurricanes. Heaven after an endless hell.  

And now, hours later, they were still in that interrogation room. She told them everything that happened with Ronny that morning. How she went to his home as a new bride and why. They did not reveal what exactly happened to Ronny, but it wasn't on her mind at this point. She wanted to be at her new home with her new husband.

The brief refreshing in the ladies room revived her. She felt relaxed.
They had the truth beside them and they had each other. 

 She sent an encouraging smile to her husband. But he was not smiling back. He was pale and desperate. She realized something went wrong during the time she was outside.
The detective announced her laconically: "We were just updated from the field that Ronny left a massage to his mother few hours before the murder. He told her you had threatened him this morning to not contact or disturb you or your new family in any way, otherwise you will simply kill him. He also mentioned his intention to break into your wedding. His body was found only meters away from your wedding venue. That is enough to put you under arrest. I'm sorry".
The earth was moving and she needed to vomit. "What? No. it can't be. That monster! No!!"

She was screaming in her sleep.
It was just a dream, she knew that now.
She was not accused in anything. Nobody died. Her happy wedding was not ruined brutally. Everything in that dream was a lie.  A nightmare. Every single part of it.
She was grateful for that.

She turned over to the other side of the bed, looking for some comfort after that sweaty nightmare.
And her heart sank.
He was sleeping peacefully with a crazy smile on his face. A familiar crazy smile.  

All of a sudden, reality struck her. Ronny.  

The End

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