One line story

There was a boy who went missing on the way to school

the he was found in a bush

the bush was bright green with pink and pur[ple spots-he looked at it with sheer confusion!

He decide that it was a horrible bush, and started to destroy it.

When he had destroyed it he went to do something to someone else

he turned into an evil monster who scared everyone which annoyed him

He was now pink and purple and they called him evil bella-rose-violet, which made him sad

so sad infact he decided to dye his hair green and rename himself bella-rose-violet-vert

his friends all laughed at him- they had never seen anything do odd in their lives!!!!

With one blue dinghy and a buch of chopping knives

 what was the boy going to do about his friends and the knives?

He was go to kill them all and do something very dramatic!

but eventually he thought this was wrong, but then he changed his mind and ripped rthem up

he tore them into tiny, tiny peices and threw them in the fire so noone would be able to see them again

 as the fire dwindled a breeze came down the chimney and scattered the ashes

now there was nothing left to remind them of what there once was.

The End

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