One life; one love; one chance.Mature

Not so sure on the summary yet. This story is just gonna come to me as I write. But it's going to include most aspects of the teenage years in it, so expect of it what you want.
Peace. <3


Chapter 1



A small, four letter word. Yet, with such a large meaning.

No one really knows what love is. Sometimes you think you know, because it's how you feel. But then it wouldn't be love.

The most unique thing about love, is the mystery surrounding it. People think you can only feel love once in your whole life time, while others believe it comes and goes everytime you date someone different. But if that was the case, why is there so much fuss? 

Because, there's so much more to it than all that.

Well, what is love? The question on everyone's mind, and one of the most difficult questions that genral knowledge won't help you answer. 

Love could be when your eyes meet, and there's nothing else in the world. Your heart skips a beat, and quickens, to step in time with theirs. The only thing that matters to you is them. You can't think of anything else when you're apart, because they're your soulmate. Your heart aches, but as soon as you see them again and get caught in their stare, the adrenalin kicks in, and all the aching goes away as the love runs to your head. 

Some people say its like being underwater. You're isolated in a dense mass, where no one can hear your cries. Your screams are silent when they leave your mouth, and however hard you try to fight the mass, you can't get out. You close your eyes to face it, but what you see looking back is the person you like. Seeing them makes you feel unreal, like you're living in a dream you don't want to end. They disappear, and you open your eyes, but suddenly everything's unclear. You hurt and ache all over, and you're dead still for a while. You forget how things used to be, before you felt desire for them. You try to escape but your senses fail, nothing can be heard or seen, and it's like you're in space. You're lost inside your own feelings, they no longer live beneath your skin - you live in them. It's only you and the person you love left in the world; no one else matters. You gaze into their eyes and get lost within them. You watch their lips turn into a smile, and you smile too. And you lay your head down on their chest, and hear their heart beating in time with yours. That's when you know you're in love. 

The End

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