One life in HaitiMature

Long before the dawn of western civilisation the island of Haiti warned densians & visitors of the dark jungle pass.

 Here in the first century of the new hope stood I. Wondering how many had trodden this same path that led to the infamous Ton Ton pass. I fancied the idea that perhaps my favourite cousin had journeyed here before, but it  was a self assured idea that i knew wasn't true.

 For generations locals warned of the savage 'Warriors' known as the Ton Ton Makoute. Legend was that these beserk deluded natives would pilgage towns forcing fathers to rape daughters and made mothers walk a mile carrying the severed heads of their dead sons.

 I journeyed long, but without the fainest song in search of the infamous pass.

Centuries of history claimed this passage to be immpossible to cross & if so you'd never come out the same person.

The Ton Ton warriors had cannibalized so may villages that they had metamorphosed into a breed of human no man had layed eyes on and lived to tell the tale.

 I dragged myself up the wall on my chest seeing what i thought was a bus, but the smallest flick of the eye proved otherwise. I gazed on to the left and saw the blossoming malevolence towering like a risng storm. The sky raged colors I had never seen before and no earthly description could help our Human minds comprehend.  The pass jutted out toward the Panatesaa river and beheld the form of a finger beckoning me to tred deeper.

By now I had no control over my vessel. I floated upward as if dragged by the force of a powerful ocean current. Far away cries that conveyed emotions to my bossom that had no place in my white heart strangled my willpower possessing my very mind and body. Or the soul.

 The awful cries echoed and faded as i made out the familiar sound of locals reaching at my ear. A sound so far removed that i wondered if it were actually taking place at this moment in time. I turned to see the anvil shaped head of a man i'd seen before. But in what life?

An awful air teemed all around me, even flowing though me. An intimation of dread and Horrors never felt before rose inside my body growing stonger hauling my earthly soul from out my vessels core. The mind grew weaker but the body stronger. I was no longer moving by my own will. I caught  a glance back at the locals but felt far from reach, even my eyes couldn't quite grasp the hues of what appeared to be Dusk &  the Anvil shaped head rotated slow andf meaningfull towards me revealing the glistening orbs of his being suggesting the sickening situation  that enveloped me.

 I faced foward and was transcended from my mind the body left behind transmutating above my former being, embodying the pernicious forms of the Ton Ton Makoute

The End

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