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“You will fall in love baby, mark my words.” Sasha said grinning toward Nina. Being best friends mean you are allowed to say anything to each other and on top of that if you are childhood best friends then nothing is more important than your friendship. This unique yet common bond was in between Nina and Sasha. Both were in same school and now in same college.

“Who said that I am not in a relationship Ms. Sasha Agnihotri?” Nina said pouting her perfect sculpted lips. Sasha rolled her eyes at this knowing where this conversation was going.

“Oh ya, are you? With whom? - Mr. Pink alien from your dreamland?” Sasha said in a sarcastic tone. Mr. Alien was from one of those weird dreams of Nina in which she gets married to a pink alien, and now it was the favorite pick- up line of Sasha when it comes to Nina’s relationship status.

“Damn please ‘Shishi’. I am in relationship… with my singlehood status.” Nina stretched her lips widely. It seemed like a smile, but it was not. She always does this to tell people- cut the crap and somehow Sasha’s annoyed expression stated that she got it too.

“You bitch, stop calling me Sishi and lets go; I don’t want to argue with you on this topic.”

“Who started?”

 They both left the room for their everyday, routine evening walk. Today was something different in the air. The whole world was kind of happy and sad together.

The evening was warm as usual. There were lots of people around, but Sasha’s eyes were moving everywhere as if they were searching something. Her shoulder length dark brown hairs were falling on her back, giving complement to her pale white skin. Her blue denim hot pants were paired up with a loose green t-shirt. All boys of the colony were crazy about her. On contrary, Nina’s eyes were also searching something, but on her i-phone. Her curly black waist length hairs were tied up into a ponytail. She has natural tan skin, thanks to the volleyball team. Unlike Sasha, she was the crush of… no one and she never mind this too. It’s amazing and weird both at the same time that how two totally opposite people get along so well.

“You know what; there is a new guy in our colony. I accidently bumped into him yesterday. Damn, he is so hot. His name is Sahil.” Sasha said breaking off the silence. Silence and Sasha doesn’t get along. She could go on and on for hours… mostly about herself. Somebody has someday described such people as self-centered.  

“You have already told me this Sasha and this is for the tenth time. Can you please say something else?” Nina’s jaw clenched and her free hand turned into a fist. This Sahil-talk was getting under her skin. Somewhere this guy was the reason of Sasha’s breakup, but it was bound to happen, nonetheless. Taking relationships serious wasn’t the way of Sasha. She was living with a mantra of- get it, throw it.   

“Why are you getting angry at me? It is just I like him.” Every word that came out of her mouth seemed genuine, but it didn’t make any impact on Nina. She knew that Sasha changes boyfriend, like she changes cloths.

“Please Sasha. It is just a week that you broke up with that Ahuja guy and now, this new one? And I know somehow this Sahil is responsible for it.” Nina said keeping her voice level. Her nut brown eyes were set on the Sasha’s beautiful face.

“I dumped him because he was getting into my nerves and Sahil has nothing to do with it… I hope you remember.” Sasha stopped and crossed her arms. Nina knew what exactly she means. The boy was over possessive and Sasha was over flirt. Nina stopped few steps after Sasha. She badly wanted to snap at her, but fought against it.

“Ya I know, but still. You should wait for some time at least.” Nina holds Sasha’s hand and squeezed it.

“I know, I just want to get over him and he is perfect for it and I just don’t want to get over of Zeeshan Ahuja, but I want this guy. He has something in him, ya’ know. I really like him or I think I love him.” Sasha smiled at her and started to walk again. Nina rubbed her temples and followed her. She shoved her phone in her pocket and crossed her arms across her chest. Clouds of doubts and questions hurled her mind. Her eyes were on road, but she wasn’t paying any attention to it.

Things get change when you grow up and Nina had accepted this. This all boy thing was getting more personal in Sasha’s life and Nina doesn’t want to be a headache for Sasha and maybe she doesn’t want their friendship to get ruined by this.

“Ouch… watch out dude. Are you blind or what?” Nina said as a guy bumped into her. His eyes were black and intense like an endless charcoal tunnel. His hands were on Nina’s shoulder, saving her from falling. Nina took a step back and looked at him. She wanted to snap but something stopped her.

“Are you alright?” The boy said looking at her. His hands were still on Nina’s shoulder. Nina worked on her jaw, but nothing came out. She fluttered her eyes and a stunned expression danced on her face. Sasha’s gaze prompted to her and an evil grin played on her lips. Sasha got another chance to play sarcasm on Nina. This boy was Sahil- the new Sasha love or toy-boy would be more accurate.

“Yes she is fine. Thank you so much. How are you?” She smirked at him and wrapped her arms around Nina’s waist. Sahil payed no attention to Sasha and kept looking at Nina with mischievous expression on his face. He was trying to point out the familiarity on Nina’s face, but couldn’t. Sasha looked back and forth in between them. The evil grin was now replaced by an annoyed and jealous face. She poked Nina on her waist causing her jump.

“Hi, there” the boy smiled at Sasha, “but are you okay?” He said latter to Nina waving his hands in front of her eyes. Nina came back from her reverie and blush creeps to her cheeks. 

“Uh... Uh. Yes… Yes I am fine. Thank you.” Nina took a step back when she realized that she was staring at him. It was too much for Nina; she had never done such stupid thing before. First blushing and then staring. She felt like a creepy desperate chick.

 “Damn, Nina you zoned out just looking at him.” She said under her breath. The person who was most affected by this whole ‘that little moment’ was Sasha. She never expected someone to ignore her for Nina. Sasha was so proud of her beauty that this ignorance was like nettling pain of a bee sting in her eyes. If humans could smell jealously then all the nose of Kailash colony would be feeling the burning pain in them.

“Thank god you spoke up. Hi. I am Sahil.” He gazed her with his mysterious black eyes and extended his hands towards Nina. “Hello” This was all Nina said making a small curve on her face. Nina was fighting with her inner self not to smile goofily. Something snapped into her mind and she browed towards Sasha in confusion and Sasha just nodded.

“Excuse me.” Nina said and walked away from them. It was too much for her and that is in a single day. She was zoned out just looking at him and now she was feeling jealous of her friend… her best friend.

“Is she always like this?” Sahil asked Sasha.

“Yeah… you know she is kind of bumping into guys and make them run for her. I wish I could change this bad thing about her.” Sasha played her cards and there was no guilt. What she don’t get, she snatches it.

Sahil looked confused and cocked an eyebrow at her. “I didn’t mean that. I meant, is she always this mysterious?”

“Mysterious?” Confusion drooled over Sasha. She was mentally trying to figure out when Nina was a mystery and every time she got one answer… always. She was disappointed by herself. Nina was giving her a competition which she never expected. She ignored the question and decided to ask Sahil for hang out. She lifted her face and found no one.

Sasha felt a sudden jolt of rejection. She was never of a relationship keeper and this incident planted seeds of hate for Nina in Sasha’s heart. 



The End

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