This story is about two best friends who promised to be a support system of each other. They went to the same school and now to the same college. But will things remain same when a normal teenage boy Sahil enters their lives? Nina is a tomboy; she would love to chop your hairs with the paper cutter (if that is possible though) and Sasha is the player (do I really need to explain?). Life becomes a %@### when your teenage hormones start to play with it. Trust changes into betrayal and known change


“Yes… I think I am going all crazy… for you. The moment I saw you, I felt something and I know that it was more than attraction. I. Love. You.” He emphasized on the last three words and touched her face. Nina was overwhelmed with different emotions. This was all new to her. This was the first time when somebody has touched her with compassion and love. She never wanted this moment to end. Gradually, these emotions were starting to fade. Once again anger danced on her face and mind. She was angry with herself. Her hands tightened on his collar and the nail of her thumb made its way to his collar bone, leaving a red mark. Sahil smiled at her.

“What the hell you think of yourself? I am not like all those girls who you can get with an ease and moreover I…” She was cut in between as her mouth got locked with his. Nina was shocked, but she didn’t push him away. She was again trapped in his gloomy cage of eyes. Sahil was patting his back for this. He loves Nina with his everything. This was just not love at first sight, this was more.


So this is just the prologue of this story. Love it? Hate it? Please tell me :)


The End

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