One Last BreathMature

The slow, agonizing last breaths, thinking every one might be your last. Do you know what it feels like? To be on the edge of your sanity, hoping that every breath is the last one you ever have to take, but you keep forcing yourself to breathe, hoping the next breath will be less painful than the last. Do you know what it's like to spend every waking moment of your life fighting, and not knowing what it is that you're fighting for? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to actually be able to live and not regret a single thing you have ever done? Do you regret everything you have ever done? Being so close to death you can taste it. Your body screams in agony, yet there's nothing you can do to stop that piercing pain in your heart. People say you can die of a broken heart, what if your heart really did break? It wasn't broken figuratively, someone actually BROKE your heart. Wishing you could no longer feel emotions because it hurt too much. You finally realized what it's like to feel like you don't belong anywhere. What if some people really don't belong anywhere? What if there is no heaven, there is no hell, what if all we have to show is what we lived for. Sitting in a darkened room, you can hear voices, screaming at you. You wonder if you are losing your mind. I know exactly how you feel. Things have to get worse before they can get better. What if you're wrong, what if all things can do is get worse? You keep talking, but everyone has stopped listening. "Suppose death had a heart to love and release you, to whom would he turn this passion?" Feeling like everything is fake, there is no reality anymore, everything is controlled. One last breath, what would you do if that was all you had left?

The End

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