All I can say is wow! Finally, I was kissing her and it felt great. I’m just so tired of only being friends with her, I have feelings for her. Yes I am a guy I also want her for more than kisses. Maybe just a little push will work, a small nudge. I move from kissing her lips to kissing her jaw, then her neck. She starts saying my name over and over again, her voice doesn’t sound like hers though. “Jack get up!” I open my eyes and Chloe is gone, replaced by my mom. Let’s just say I’m happy I had a blanket over me so my mom couldn’t see the tent I had pitched.

            “Jack you’re going to be late, your alarm didn’t go off.” I don’t think my mom has ever seen such a fast reaction from me. I shot out of bed and into the bathroom. I quickly got dressed and rushed out the door. I can’t believe this is happening, Chloe is trying to kill herself or get that jerk’s attention and I’m sleeping in having fantasies about her. 

            When I got to school I rushed into the gym to find Chloe. I saw Tyler standing in a corner, surrounded by his stoner friends and a group of girls. I looked away quickly and saw Chloe at the top of the stairs standing with Gina. Chloe mumbled something to Gina, then Gina hugged her and walked away, completely oblivious to Chloe’s intentions. Chloe looked down at me. My eyes were begging her not to do it. I moved towards the stairs as a tear slipped down her cheek. 


The End

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