The Other Best Friend


            At 6:15 my alarm beeped, it was time to get up. I had been awake for hours already, staring at the ceiling. I got up and put a pair of old ripped jeans on then pulled a tee shirt on. I grabbed my iPod off of my night stand and turned it on full blast as I walked into my bathroom. My hair looked frizzy and messy, so I put it up into a pony tail. After brushing my teeth I went back to my room and picked my bag up swinging it over my shoulder.

            I stepped outside and yelled at Gina to stop honking. She just laughed at me. Gina is always on time and she’s always happy. I opened the passenger door of her car and found her bible in my seat.  “Oh sorry! I’ll move it.” She said, with a big smile on her face that seemed plastered there. I almost wanted to tell her my plan, then maybe she wouldn’t look at everything as though it was perfect, or whatever it is she thinks. She moved her bible and I slumped into the seat. I looked at her expectantly and she gave me a stern look. “Chloe, I will not move this car until you put on your seat belt.” I rolled my eyes and put my seat belt on. “Yes mother.” She gave me a satisfied smile and began to drive.

            If you can believe it Gina is one of my best friends. Well I only have two best friends, Gina and Jack. I used to be happy like Gina. Then I met Tyler and became distant from Gina and Jack, but I was still happy. Now the only reason I am friends with Gina is because I don’t have a car, I have to borrow my mom’s. Also Gina tries hard to be friends. She cares about me but I don’t really care about anything anymore.

            When we got to school I went in the gym and tried to separate myself from Gina’s watchful eye. It wasn’t hard; she has a lot of friends that she likes to talk to. I started walking up the stairs to the bleachers when a hand grabbed my arm. I turned my head to look at them. I was scared, I didn’t want jack to stop me. “Hey! You didn’t wait for me!” It was just Gina I looked behind her and saw Jack. I needed to hurry with my plan; I didn’t want him to get in my way.

The End

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