Home Sweet Home

Tyler ~

            I opened the front door of my house and motioned for Lena to go inside. It was just going to be us alone in the middle of nowhere. I live in a big neighborhood; most of my neighbors are a couple blocks away.  “Home sweet home.” I whisper in her ear. Then her cheeks turn a bright red. “Aren’t your parents home?” She asked me innocently. Finding this very amusing I give her a big grin. “No my mom is going to be out late.” I replied. She looked so innocent; her cheeks were turning an even darker red. I wanted to show her what was on my mind right there against the fron door, but I controlled myself. There was no need to scare her away, that would ruin my plans.

            I led her to the kitchen and offered her a coke. She gave me a cute smile and said sure. I walked around the counter to her until I was inches away from her and handed her the coke. Having had a few years of practice I could tell I’d already won. She kept her eyes down, hidden under her eyelashes. I lifted her chin and put my hand against her cheek letting my fingers touch her hair. I bent my head down to hers and kissed her soft lips. At first I was careful and kissed her softly, then as she fell under my spell I did as I pleased, kissing her roughly and angrily.

            It was a long kiss, but I was far from done. When I pulled away she looked out of breath and a little scared. I hoped I hadn’t ruined it. I could see my eyes reflected in hers, they had turned a dangerous dark color. I kissed her cheek quickly and moved my mouth to hover next to her ear. “Come on, I want to show you something.” I said quietly. Her eyes sparkled and she followed me up the stairs, to my room.

            Half an hour later we were on my bed making out and she began pushing on my chest. I stopped kissing her and looked down at her. “What’s wrong?” I asked knowing what she was thinking. “Tyler I like you but this is starting to go a bit fast.” She said, her voice shaking. Maybe this game wasn’t going to be so easy. This reminded me of Chloe, she never did give in. I couldn’t take it any more and got mad over nothing so that I could win again.

            Then I realized I had been staring at Lena. “Don’t worry Lena, I won’t hurt you.” I said as I pulled her into my arms so that she could rest her head on my chest. I was gaining her trust, now I had just enough to get what I wanted and then drop her back into reality. I lifted her chin and kissed her again, more softly this time. Then I slowly moved her so that she was lying under me again. I did everything I wanted and didn’t waste any time. After I was done, I got up and got dress telling her to do the same. I took her back to her car and drove home with a grin on my face, what can I say? I love winning my games.

The End

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