I turned the music up so that it would drown out my thoughts. I had worked all day down at the shrimp boat. Working on the boat keeps my thoughts occupied, but now I can’t stop thinking. I pulled up to an intersection but I had to wait for the light to change. As I waited I saw Chloe wiz by in her car. Her hair looked wet and she was wearing a bathing suit. I only saw her for a split second and she was gone. She had always told me she wanted to spend a day at the beach. I missed her so much. I wouldn’t admit it to anyone of course, but she had filled up my life with so much happiness. Her sweet smell flashed in my head. The light changed and I took my foot off the brake. As I pulled into the intersection a truck drove right in front of me blowing his horn and just barely missing me. I looked up and the light was red. I had imagined it was green. Then as if on cue the light turns green. Still a bit shocked I turn left into the Oakwood shopping center. Mom won’t be home till midnight and I have a craving for a sub.

    As I walk into subway I see Lena sitting at a table eating a sub alone. Lena is in my biology class. “Hey Tyler!” I walk over and she gives me a big hug. It’s nice to have a girl hug me, even though I wish it was someone else. There I go again thinking about her when I should be taking the chance to flirt with Lena. “What’s a pretty girl like you doing eating alone?” I asked. My flirtatious remark was a little late but she still smiles. Although her smile can’t be compared to the smile that I love so much. My thoughts begin to scream in my head. I can’t have her, I can beg if I want but she’s perfectly happy not being with me. If I flirt with Lena it will help, I will get over Chloe and be happy again.

     “Hold on, I’ll be right back and I’ll eat my sub with you.” I said with a wink. “Ok!” Yep I had her right where I wanted her; she was like silly putty in my hand.

     As I walked back to Lena her face lit up. She was sitting in a booth so I nudged her with my hip to make her scoot over. That made her giggle. “So where’s your hot date tonight?”  I asked. She can’t stop smiling at me. “Oh please, you know I don’t have a date!” She says then laughs and looks a little embarrassed. I give her a nice big grin and say, “Well then you’re in luck because I am in need of a pretty date.” She smiles, which means I win. I get up and throw away our trash and walk back over to Lena. I pull her out of the booth by her hand and she giggles. As soon as I have her out of the booth I slip my arm around her waist. “Come on, I know just where I want to take you.” I say. She smiles and goes along with me.

     I open the car door for her and then go around to hop into the driver’s seat. I turn the radio on loud and roll down the windows. As I pull out of the parking lot I turn right to take Lena to my house, where no one is home.

The End

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