One Hell of a Teen Life Ch.2

6th of December. Roughly one in the afternoon.

"DAD! I need to get going!" I yelled as soon as I got back in, I had just had my hair done and my friend had her sixteenth in ten minutes.

"Ok… no need to yell" he said walking into the hall from the living room and I quickly re-did my make-up and then grabbed the card with the money in for Karla and went out to the car and sighed when I sat down and I pulled my phone out and checked the time… five minutes it had taken me to do my make-up… record time.

My dad pulled up outside my mates and I got out "See you later" I said shutting the door and crossing the road to my mates house.

I knocked on the door and Karla opened it "Hey!" I said smiling "Hi, thought you weren't going to turn up" she said "I was a tad late getting back from the hair dressers… oh… you know that guy I met up Derby… Seth… well, me and him are going out" I said "Wow, thats great" she said "Thanks, oh… here is your card birthday girl" I said passing her the card and she took it and we walked into the living room and our friend May was there and Karla's friend from her old school… I had never met her but Karla had told me her name was Jen.

"Kat, this is Jen… Jen this is Kat" Karla said "Hey Jen… nice to meet you" I said "Same" she said in a bubbly voice, I was liking this girl already.

"So, games?" Karla asked and I looked at her "Star Signs" I said and May laughed "I love that game" I said shrugging and Jen looked at me "I've never played it before" she said and I looked at her shocked "You have to play it! You just have to" I said and Karla laughed "I will go get it… now play nicely children" she said as she went to fetch the board game.

Sometime later after the game.

"Hey… can I ask what is the shoe lace for?" Jen asked and I looked over at where the shoe lace was "I know I can be annoying but no need to hang me" I joked and May and Jen laughed and Karla smiled "It is a trick my uncle showed me, Kat, hold your hand" she said and I did and she tied it after wrapping it round and then sat back "Get your hand out" she said and I tried but it ended up on the other hand.

"What the hell…" I said confused and May, Jen and Karla laughed and I smirked and tried something… "no way!" I snapped when I got even more tangled up and Jen got up and started to help "Dam it… how do you do this?" She asked and I suddenly had an idea "Simple… the knot" I said "You can't untie the knot" Karla said and I stared at her "Undo the knot" I said and Jen did and I went and sat back down.

"Kat… that was cheating" Karla said and I shrugged and Jen then had a go and tried and I laughed when she failed as well "Would you like a side of fail with that epic?" I asked and everyone was laughing.

After me, Jen and May had all failed at trying to get our hand free Karla decided to have a crack at it and show us how to do it and the three of us sat on the sofa and watched intently to see how it was done.

"Now, you put this bit round here… and then move your hand through there and that… that should work…" she said and we burst out laughing "Oh… classic!" May laughed and I leaned towards May I was laughing so hard I couldn't even sit up.

"Ok… no need to die from lack of oxygen" Karla said and we calmed down and got food.

"Guess that movie, song, tele series or person! I forgot the name of the game but it is fun!" I yelled and Jen nodded and Karla vanished a second whilst May went first and came back in with a video camera whilst I was yelling out random words to go with what could only be described as a weird dance "Step-up!" Jen said "Yes!" May said and Jen had a go and it continued with us all taking turns and all videoing the game.

"Cake?" Karla's mum asked from the kitchen and me and Jen sat up like a dog sleeping would when he awakes to the lovely scent of… food.

I am a massive lover of food… especially since I eat and eat and don't gain the weight, I walk a lot is my secret.

Her mum put the candles in the cake and lit them and we sung happy birthday and then proceeded to the cake.

Jen took a huge chunk and shoved it right in her god and I was laughing like there was no tomorrow.

"Drinks anyone?" Karla asked and I nodded and she fetched some drinks and we each had a bottle of coke, a medium one… not a two litre one, if it was I wouldn't have swallowed it all down in one.

"Kat, have mine, I don't want it" Jen said passing me hers and I took it and drank that all in one as well "We always knew you had a big gob" May said and I laughed.

Kat's house after returning home.

I sighed and flopped onto my bed, I was shattered, me and Jen had been messing around all night at the party, it was so much fun, she was a great girl… I would have to remember her MSN and add her tomorrow.



The End

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