One Hell of a Teen Life Ch.1

The story of a girl, her friendships, her relationships and how she will cope with her exams on top of that.


5th of December. On MSN

Kat says: So… do you want to go out some time?

Seth says: As in… a date? Like a couple?

Kat says: Yeh… 

Seth says: Yeh :)

Kat says: ^^ 

Seth says: Wow, you know, I think I am in shock you asked me… 

Kat says: Is that good or bad?

Seth says: Good! Defiantly good :)

Kat says: ^^ good :)


Kat's house - Her room.

"Phone… need my phone" I said and I looked round my room and saw it sat on my bed and I got up and grabbed it sitting down on my bed cross legged and looking through my contact… Joy.

"And call" I said pressing the call button and i help the phone next to my ear and listened to the ringing waiting for Joy's familiar voice to answer the phone.

"Hello…" Joy's voice said "Joy… I have some news for you" I said and I heard music in the background stop "What is it?" she asked "You know Seth, the one I met in Derby?" I asked "Yeh, you left me for almost an hour on my own whilst you two talked" she said and I laughed and she sighed "Well… news?" she asked.

"Well…" I said pausing and giggling a bit and she gasped "You are going out with him aren't you!" she said excitedly and i smiled to myself "Maybe…" i said slyly and she laughed "I knew you would get with him! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!" she said and I got up and went back over to my desk and sat back down and checked my MSN conversations.

"So… when did this happen?" Joy asked and I smiled as I carried on talking with Seth on MSN "Around… a few minutes ago" I said "Awww, well, you two have fun" she teased and I laughed "Joy, he is two years younger than me" I said "True, you know I have no idea how you do it, I couldn't go out with someone that much younger than me" she said "I don't care as long as it is within two years either way" I said and she laughed and we talked randomly for an hour or so before I decided sleep would be a good idea since I had a party tomorrow.

The End

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