The next passing human is a magician.

Sorrelwing was bored again.  Her extremely short lunch hadn't provided much distraction.

She was, again, idly scratching rocks to occupy the hours when she heard the scuffling of gravel only a little way off.  Her ears perked and she looked left and right along the desolate road.  Could she possibly be lucky enough to have two travellers in one day?  She inwardly smiled as she saw a lone figure sauntering towards her.

As the figure got closer, she noticed he was cloaked, looking mysterious and rather important.  She found it odd that he was not riding on a horse or in a carriage.  Nevertheless, she prepared herself to deliver her speech.

"Stop, mortal!"

"Beg pardon?"  The cloaked figure looked rather friendly up close.  He stood staring up at Sorrelwing, his hands clasped and a smile upon his face.

Sorrel stuttered a bit at being spoken back to. It wasn't that she was angry, just that no one had had the nerve to do it before. "I said, stop, mortal!" She repeated.

"Oh, but I'm no mortal, my dear, lady!"

"You aren't?"

"No, can't you see my mysterious cloak?  It's not everyone who has one of these puppies."  He stroked the fabric of his left sleeve.

"Well! It makes no difference!  You must answer a riddle to pass. Succeed, and you may continue. Fail, and you will be devoured!"  Sorrel used the most menacing voice she could muster.

"Oh, a riddle!  Wonderful, lets have it."

Sorrel, slightly perturbed that he seemed to be enjoying himself, thought carefully of her question. Finally, her eyes brightened. "Tell me...what am I thinking right now?" Sorrelwing smiled at her own ingenius.

The magician's smile vanished and he stroked his scruffy beard in thought.  Sorrel licked her lips.  Finally, the magician appeared to have an answer. "You are thinking that no matter what I say, you will have a full belly this evening."

Sorrelwing's eyes went wide, her mouth hung open.  She was too caught off guard to pretend he was wrong.  The magician stood before her, smiling in an absent sort of way.  Finally, Sorrelwing said, "Double or nothin'?"

"I see you are troubled at being beaten. Perhaps I can offer you something in return for being a good opponent?"

The End

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