One Gone BadMature

This isn't really a short story, but something I wrote up on my spare time for a story I am currently working on. I really appreciate reviews and constructive critisism! Thanks for reading :)

“Finally, that’s over. You need a ride, Kyle?” I asked, as he threw the last basketball into the bin.

            “Nah, I have to stay after and wait for Andrew, anyway.” He replied. I probably wouldn’t have been able to give him one, anyway. Adrian would probably get all pissy again.

            “Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow, then?” I started heading to the doors.

            “Hey, Annika…,” he questioned, stopping me. “Um… I wanted to ask you something…” he hesitated, not looking at me once.

            “Yeah, what is it?” I turned to him. I wondered about Officer Anderson and Kyle getting in another fight.

            “Look…,” he looked at me. “I…” he paused, then walked to me. “Annika, I’ve been thinking a lot, lately. And… I mean…” Kyle cut himself off, standing in front of me now, looking down at me. I realized our height difference, just then. His tallness shadowed over me.

            “Kyle, is something wrong? What’s on your mind?” I asked fretfully.

            “Annika… We’ve been best friends for a while. Over the past couple of years, you’ve always been there for me when I needed you, and I don’t know what I would do without you. I’ve tried thinking of what I would be without you here, to straighten me out and keep me on track, but every time I think about it, I just…” he dithered.

            “What are you saying?” I wondered, oblivious to what he had been trying to say.

            “I…,” he put both of his hands on my cheeks and looked me deep in the eyes. I was a taken back a bit by his actions. “Annika, I don’t know what’ll happen after I tell you this, but I can’t keep it hidden anymore. I need you with me. I want to be with you. Every time I’ve been down, like whenever I fight with my dad, you were always there for me. I… I love you, Annika.”


            Oh my God… This can’t be happening. This totally isn’t happening. I mean, I thought I liked Kyle a while back, but… he LOVES me?! He’s my best friend... What do I do? Oh man… what do I do…?


            I screamed in my head. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t think of what to say. I didn’t know if I actually did like Kyle or not. All I could do was stand there and stare at him, baffled. Tongue-tied. Suddenly, Kyle closed his eyes while releasing a sigh, and slowly moved in for a kiss. My heart was racing so fast, but I knew I couldn’t let this happen. Kyle was my best friend, and only that. I was the team captain. It would be wrong…

            “Kyle…,” I turned my head to the side, avoiding his kiss. “I don’t think that… that this is a good idea.” I looked to him, as he opened his eyes. His hands fell off of my cheeks, and his expression was highly disappointed and upset. I had just rejected him. I felt like such a bitch.

            “Why…?” he questioned, standing up straight.

            “We’re… we’re best friends. And I’m the captain of the team. It’d be… I don’t know, just…” I paused.

            “It’s Adrian Bratton, isn’t it?” He questioned with authority.

            “Adrian? What does this have to do with Adrian?” I asked, curiously.

          “You like him, don’t you?” he questioned. “I should have figured. You follow him around like a puppy dog.” He teased, still angry.


            Me liking Adrian? As if. He’s rude, and creepy and weird. He always talks down to me, and treats me like a weak little girl. And I do not follow him around like a dog! If anything, he follows me! He has to follow me around everywhere, to ‘protect’ me. He’s no knight in shining armor. Him and his creepy powers, and his creepy white hair, and his… stunning blue eyes. Those damn eyes. I can never get them out of my head. Adrian always catches me off guard with them, too…

           Wait, they’re not stunning. Not in the slightest. They’re creepy. He’s creepy. Everything ABOUT him is creepy.


            “I-I don’t… like him!” I shot back at him. Kyle looked at me with rage filled eyes. I’d never seen him so angry before.

            “You’re lying.” He severely replied. It startled me.

            “K-Kyle… Why are you being like this?” I questioned, shaking under my skin.

            “Tch.” He put his right hand on my cheek, his left on my back, pulled me to him and kissed me, forcefully.

            “Mmph!” I muffled, placing my hands on his shoulders and tried my hardest to push him away from me.

            I struggled to break the kiss, but it was no use. Kyle was so much stronger than I, and he sure used that to his advantage. His body was still hot from practice with slight traces of perspiration over it, yet he still smelt of his cologne. He parted his lips and forced his tongue into my mouth. He slid his right hand from my cheek, down to my collarbone, then to my hip. Kyle then slowly worked his hand underneath my shirt, and started to lift it up. My eyes widened in terror to fear of what he was doing.


            Wait, no! What’s he doing!? I have to get away… I have to stop this!


            I struggled even harder, in an attempt to keep my shirt down and to get him away from me. I pushed his hand down a couple of times then pushed his shoulders back. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but I had to get away. I had to get out of his clutches. I used my knee to hit him right in between his legs. He grunted, released me and cringed. I didn’t want to stick around any longer, so I ran. I ran towards the doors. Away from his hungry intentions. Away from him… my best friend.

            Just as I was about to reach the doors, he grabbed my wrist, squeezed it tightly and threw it hard against the nearest wall, myself slamming against the wall quickly behind it. He looked at me angrily for a split second, before ripping my shirt completely off of me. I then confirmed what his intentions were.

            “Kyle, stop it!!! Please!!!” I screamed, but he did not comply with my plea. I struggled more, but it was meaningless to him. He was just too strong.

            Blood rushed through my body. I started to feel weak and faint. My heart was pounding incredibly fast. He pushed his lips to mine again, his cold fingertips roaming freely as they wish over my body, while still keeping me pinned hard against the wall. I used one of my hands to push his face off of me, but it was all in vain. He threw me to the ground and was quickly on top of me. My body shivered to the feeling of the cold gym floor.

            “Kyle, stop it! You’re hurting me!” I yelled, only to be ignored once again.


            No… please! This can’t be happening! Kyle’s my best friend! What’ll happen if he… no, he wouldn’t! He couldn’t… God, please don’t let him do this!


            He slowly rubbed his hand down my stomach and started to work down my shorts. I started to tear up, trying my hardest to get him off of me.

            “Kyle! Don’t do this! Please, you’re my best friend!” Tears started flowing down my face. “Please, stop it! Please!!!” I was not surprised that he ignored my verbal protest.

            He quickly took off his own shirt, leaning down towards me and planted his hungry lips onto mine. His stomach was hot and I could feel his toned abs rubbing against my stomach. He was breathing hard, and his heart was beating fast. Maybe even faster than mine had been. I was so terrified that I couldn’t move. I could barely breathe. I wanted it all to end.


            I have to be dreaming… this has to be some twisted nightmare. Let it be my mind pulling sick tricks on me, leaving my body as a toy to his merciless intentions. This has to be something only a mind could conjure up. This can’t really be happening to me!


            I lost my train of thought to complete shock when his hands roamed underneath my underwear. I struggled harder and harder, only to be overpowered by his strength. He slowly started to reach lower and lower. I kicked and squirmed underneath him.

            “Kyle, STOP!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs once I got free from his kiss. He used his other hand to pull down my bra strap.

            He tried to kiss me once again, but I curled my lips into a line. He chuckled wickedly, forced my head to the side and started biting at my neck. Each bite was more painful than the last, sending shivers down my spine. I was shaking uncontrollably. His hands were between my legs, doing as they wished. He switched from sucking and biting on my neck to breathing in my ear, completely unaware of the war going on in my head. He focused only on his own pleasure, not worrying in the slightest bit to my pleas and cries.

            “Kyle… Please… Stop it…” I cried, mumbling the words out.

            “Heh heh,” he chuckled, as he started to lightly nibble on my ear lobe. “You’ll like it, I promise.” His voice was soft, yet the words still hurt me. He messed around with his shorts a bit. I knew what was coming.


            No… No, he’s really going to do it! I don’t want this… I can’t let Kyle do this! But… I’m not strong enough. I can’t do anything. This can’t be…


            “Annika!” the gym doors slammed open, as Adrian walked in, impatient and ticked off as usual. “What’s taking you so…” he cut himself off at the sight of Kyle and me.

            I looked at him in fear, tears still streaming down my face. Kyle snapped out of his lust and glanced over at Adrian. I’d never been so happy to see him. At first, Adrian was shocked. His expression then changed slowly to extreme anger. He glared at Kyle with rage filled eyes.

The End

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