One Girl's Dying WishesMature

Amber Hallison.
One girl.
One life.
Too many last wishes.

I shiver as the cool wind blows in my hair and clothes.

My own sense tells me I'm being stupid. I should just go back home. It's too early for anyone to be awake, they won't even know I left. I should just get back in bed and pretend this never happened. Just smile and pretend everything is OK.

But I'm not really listening to that. I've made my decision and there's no changing it, no going back. 

I'm glad it's quiet up here. Quiet and deserted. No-one to watch. No-one to try and stop me. No-one to tell them I'm missing.

I begin to walk across towards the edge. It's cold, but I don't care. I didn't come up here to bee warm. I stop about a metre away. I know this is drastic. I know it's not going to solve anything. 

It's strange to think that it's not far back to town. If someone just looked over they would be able to see me clearly. But nobody looks at the cliff. Nobody dares even go near it. That's how I know nobody is going to find me. 

I have so many regrets. Too many regrets. And there's nothing at all I can do to put any of it right. That's why I'm doing this. If I'm gone, it will resolve everything.

As I look out over the cliffs, not for the first time in what little is left of my life, I think about the things I would change if I could just reverse time.

I would change so much. I have so many regrets. Too many wishes.

The End

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