One Girl and Her Dark Destiny

Bridget is a girl who's bestfriend is a witch! One day she will meet somebody who will change her life forever.

Chapter one

Bridget ran as fast as she could through the dark woods. She was terrified, something was chasing her and no matter how fast she ran she could not escape it. No matter which way she ran it appeared in front of her, as if out of nowhere. When she realised she could not escape it she stopped running. It was stood in front of her. It was dark but she could see that it was a man, but no man could move as fast as he did. She just stood there looking at him for a few seconds not knowing what to do then the next thing she knew, he launched him self forward. She felt a sharp pain in her neck, like a stinging sensation. He was biting her. She screamed and woke up. ‘Oh’ she said with a sigh of relief to herself ‘it was just a dream, thank god’. As she lay there in bed she thought about the dream, about how strange it was. It had scared her.


When she got to collage she saw Amber, her best friend. Amber is a small girl with vivid green eyes. She has short brown hair and a dark secret… she is a witch!

The End

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