Nine For a Kiss....

Sweet kisses ...... it was only for a few days I reminded myself and then Nicos would be back in my arms.  South America seems so far  to travel for just a few days my friend Kirsty commented as we chatted over lunch.  A question I'd pondered myself a few times this past week as Nicos prepared to leave.

We hailed a taxi as we were laden down with shopping bags, I promised I wouldn't spend too much but you know what it's like, new season designs everywhere you look. Well two more days and he'd be home where he belonged, back in my arms, with the heady aroma of his aftershave stirring my senses. Sex with Nicos had always been good, he didn't need a map to find his way around a woman's body and was quite the explorer too.

I arrived home with aching feet and an aching heart, it had only been two days and I missed him so much. I gathered up the mail and placed the envelopes on the hall table as I slipped out of my Jimmy Choo's and headed to the kitchen.

Kirtsy's words still ringing in my head, I cast the thoughts aside, Nicos had changed, we both had, after all it had been years since I'd left him and come back to England. It had been a difficult decision to make but one that needed taking none the less. He's forgiven me, I know he has after all he'd told me often enough. We were young and foolishly thought we could make our relationship work but I wasn't happy to settle for second best, I was idealistic and wanted it all.  

With a heavy heart I went to the bedroom and set down the bags and glanced out the window and there on the lawn were ten sorry looking magpies ......

The End

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