Eight for a wish ..........

Well, Dr Papoudopoulos has made my wish come true,   He remembered me, apparently, but it's strange, you know...  While I was his patient, he was very formal and proper, but we got chatting about my compensation claim with the health spa, just before I left hospital, and he offered to help me with the documentation to support it .  He said he'd take care of everything: certificates and statements and stuff like that.   He even said, with a wink, that he might be able to be a little creative with the paperwork.  I'm not quite sure what he meant by that, but I'm sure it was all right, because he was very insistent that he couldn't get started on it until I was discharged, otherwise it wouldn't be ethical.

Nicos was as good as his word - what a kind, helpful guy.  The inevitable happened, though, and all the time we were spending together kind of... rekindled our old romance.  Before we knew it, we couldn't bear to be apart.  He's not Brad Pitt, but he's the next best thing. He's so attentive.

Sadly, my Dennis was none too happy when I told him I was running off with a drop-dead gorgeous Aegean doctor, but I don't give a fig.  I got my man, and I also got the six-figure compensation from the the so-called health spa on the same day as my Decree Absolute came through.

And the very same day, Nicos proposed to me.  It was so romantic, but that's what these Mediterranean types are like...  

You know - we've even started talking about having children.  Well, I hadn't thought about all that sort of caper for years.  I thought my childbearing years were over, but Nicos assures me that I'm still a young woman, and that we will have beautiful children together.  Its a shame we gave all the kids' clothes and toys and equipment  to charity.  I'll have to buy all new things,  so I went into Mothercare today and started looking around, just to get an idea of what's available these days.  It all costs a fortune now, but it's not as if I'm short of money.   There was a delightful little cot mobile there, with nine magpies hanging on a frame.

We're going to open a joint bank account tomorrow.  Then Nicos is off to some medical conference in South America next week.  I'm really going to miss him.  Oh well - It's only for a few days.

The End

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