Bob goes on alone

"Listen sugar, I would love to come with you but I can't risk any more jail time. You don't know what those places are like. The judge will come down on me like a tonne of bricks and not a good way if you know what I mean"

Bob was no longer concentrating on Melanie, instead he was focusing on the droplet of blood that was hanging from the tip of his nose.

"Ah sweetie you look a mess, come back to my place and I'll get you cleaned up" she said seductively.

"Yeah 'sweatie' you look a real mess, that big strong Herby pounded the hell out of you" laughed a menacing Herby. Bob was shocked that Herby's biceps seemed to have grown another couple of inches since their last encounter.

"You leave my Bob alone Herby!" Melanie shouted, "He's a real tough guy, he's gonna rob a bank, ain't that right Bob?"



The End

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