Melanie joins Bob

Melanie began to get the same feeling whilst with herbie on his motorcycle. She liked a man who was driven, and who she could tag along with on a whirlwind adventure.

"'course I'll stick with you sugar." Melanie said in that voice which Bob loved so very much. "So what is it you want to steal?"

The thought of the endless possibilities of things Bob could steal excited him, but nowhere near as much as it excited her. Maybe he wants to rob a bank? She thought to herself privately, as they dawdled down the road, no end in sight.

"We could rob a bank," Bob suddenly blurted out, without much thought. Melanie's eyes lit up like a super nova.

3 hours later Bob had a gun to his head as he was caught red handed with a chocolate bar he had not payed for in the nearest store to the bar. Melanie was standing next to him with her face in her hands. I'm glad we didn't try to rob a bank. She thought to herself, not as privately as before.

What happens next?

The End

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