Turn to face him and say something polite...

Bob turned slowly around and faced the incredibly large figure hovering over him.  He then decided that getting into a fight today was maybe something that he didn't really want to do anymore.

"Er, hello there, Mr. Herbie.  How do you do?"  Bob was normally a very polite person anyway, so he knew he would have no trouble getting the hulking Herbie to like him.

Bob, as it turns out, was quite wrong.  He realized this after Melanie was helping him off the floor, after a blow to the mouth from Herbie, without so much as a 'hello', no less.  Bob thought this was very rude and, consequently, decided that he did not want to associate with such a barbarous individual.  He decided right then and there that it was time to move on to Number Two on his list. 

"Melanie, I'm leaving now.  Would you like to accompany me?"  He was very defiant, standing with his back to Herbie.  Bob couldn't help but think how proud his mother would have been.

"Yes, indeed I would, sugar."  She was also very defiant. 

The two of them defiantly walked out of The Captain's and into the sunlit street.  Bob glanced at Melanie; he was surprised that she wasn't feeling slightly out of place, seeing as how she was still in her satin nightgown.  He shrugged the thought away.

When Bob rehashed the events in the bar, he realized that he had been punched.  Punching is definitely something that is involved in fighting.  Therefore, (Bob was a very logical man) he had, technically, been in a fight.  Success! Bob thought, delighted.

"Next, I will steal something."  Bob said quite plainly.

"Excuse me?"

"Its on  the list."

"What is this 'list' you keep talkin' about?"

"Hmm?  Oh, its nothing.  You coming?"  Bob smiled broadly at her.

The End

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