Arrival at 'The Captain's'

"The Captains" filled Bob's nostrils. The scent was the first thing. Generally speaking,  eye sight would have been first. It IS the primary sense in humans after all...but scent came first. Urine and spilled beer hit Bob like a wrecking ball. He cleared his throat, and coughed a bit.

"Nice place Babe.", he said over his shoulder as he dragged the divorcee in deeper. "What is your name anyway? I'm Bob..." He said as he released her arm and offered his hand.

"My name is 'buy me a drink'." She winked. She smiled a broad smile and showed about 500 teeth.

Bob bellied up and ordered two Sea Breezes. 'Buy me a drink' changed hers to a 'Jack on the rocks'. "I'm Melanie by the way. Who are you besides the guy that puts the trash out at 7PM like clockwork?" She grinned as she sipped her Jack.

Bob thought for a minute and then answered, "Nobody yet. But I'm looking to change that. I've had it with the norm. I'm late for work right now by the way. I feel like a rebel. I might not even go in!" Bob smirked. He scanned the bar for the first time...his nostrils having adjusted.

This was a rough crowd. Tattoos and leather dominated. There was a guy sleeping on the pool table...and that wouldn't have been so bad...except two other guys were playing pool around him.

You finish your drink.


The End

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