The Captain's

She looked at Bob quizzically for a moment, trying to process what he had just said. It was 8:00AM and she was not generally an early riser.  Noon was the crack of dawn for her.

She could never focus before her first cup of coffee, or first shot of bourbon, or first cup of coffee with a shot of bourbon.

"Did you say 'The Captain's' Sugar?," she sweetly drawled, "I haven't been there in ages. I'd love to go, but my ex hangs out there a lot. I'd hate for you to get into a fight over me." She looked him up and down and calculated his chance of surviving a fight with her ex-husband to be about the same chances that Stephan Hawking would have swimming the Atlantic.

Bob perked up...'a fight... a fight!' he thought. He grabbed the womans arm and pulled her along the walk, "It will be fine... and I'm buying!"

"Then I'm going!" she said as she adjusted her robe, trailing slightly behind Bob as he pulled her along.

The End

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