One fine dayMature

Stephen and Lily had recently discovered the thrills of domination and submission. Today Stephen was calling the shots.

Warm sunlight entered the kitchen, illuminating the dark ebony dining table where Stephen sat leafing through the morning paper. There wasn’t much that interested him in the way of articles. The daily paper allowed him to fulfil his need for puzzles. They didn’t take long to complete, but they kept him ticking over and were good accompaniment for a cup of tea.

                Lily knelt between him and the sliding glass door that led to the back garden, looking through the recipes in the TV guide that came with the paper. She scratched absent-mindedly at the leather collar around her neck. It reminded her that today was her day as the submissive, that she would have to obey Stephen as her master, and should she displease him in carrying out her duties, punishment would not be far behind. She was quite content and comfortable wearing nothing but the collar because Stephen made her feel like the most important person in the world and he was never behind the door in complimenting her on her form when he was clearly appreciating it.

                “Lily, would you please make me a cup of tea?” Stephen requested.

                “Of course, Master” she replied politely, rising from her knees, and turning to walk over to the kettle which resided in that part of the kitchen that the sunlight couldn’t quite reach. After filling the kettle, she waited and half-watched it boil the water. As she waited, she shifted her weight from foot to foot.

                As Lily waited to make the tea for her master, Stephen couldn’t help but be captivated by her bottom. In the past he had considered himself a breast man but lately he had become more and more enthralled by a firm behind, specifically Lily’s behind. The way it blended in with the curve of her back and then stood prominently and proudly apart from her legs, the softness of her skin on his face, and the toned muscle beneath filled him with an intense desire to bend her over the dining room table and  . . . And . . . Well, he didn’t quite know what he would do because the thought of Lily’s bottom wiggling tantalisingly in front of him re-directed the blood flow from his brain to another part of his body, somewhat hindering the creative process.

                “Your tea, Master” said Lily as she placed it down on the table and waited patiently for him to approve her. The way he sat silently judging the mug of steaming hot tea, not betraying any emotion made her slightly uncomfortable but she reminded herself that she could hardly mess up the brewing of tea, if at all.

                “Excellent. Thank you”. Lily made to turn and go back kneeling but she froze when she felt a hand caressing her right bum cheek. She stopped and waited for Stephen to speak. He placed his right hand on the other side of her bottom and pulled her closer, pressing his freshly-shaven face to her belly. She felt warm and soft in his hands. Kissing her stomach, he began to rub and grope her butt. A moderate spank yielded a soft moan from her lips.

                “Good slave. The tea is too hot to drink now, and I am feeling generous. I have decided to reward you for this small act” said Stephen, pulling part her cheeks and maintaining the tension.

                “Thank you” Lily replied.

                “I beg your pardon?” Stephen asked, spanking her somewhat harder than before.

                “Thank you, Master”

                “Good sex slave” said Stephen as he stopped fondling her butt, placed the cup of tea on the worktop, and intertwined his fingers in her hair. Looking into her eyes, he pulled her head down and to the side and licked along her ear, down her neck, and along her collarbone. Lily moaned in pleasure as he bit her collarbone, savouring the feel of his tongue on her neck. He removed his right hand and used his left to do the same to the opposite side of her body, again causing her to gasp. He placed a hand on her neck, the other on her hip, and pulled her into a passionate kiss, moving fiercely into her. Her hands grabbed him and pulled him further into the kiss. Their tongues clashed and danced. Surfacing from this embrace, he turned her to face the table, and stood behind her.

                “Bend over” Stephen growled into her ear. She whimpered a little at this and complied. He spanked her again, and firmly pushed her shoulders onto the table. He moved slowly and deliberately around the table, almost willing her to misbehave, giving her plenty of time to show some sign of rebellion, but she didn’t. Pleased with her obedience, he opened the secret compartments of the table to reveal black leather restraints which he used to contain her wrists. The look on her face betrayed her desire to be bound, to be completely at his mercy. He watched out of the corner of his eye as she bit her lower lip when he began to tie her up. Loose enough to wiggle, yet tight enough to prevent escape.

                After taking a step back to admire the sight of his restrained lover, Stephen picked up his tea and took a tentative sip. Just right, he thought, as he sat down, took another sip, and admired the gorgeous glutes in front of him. His eyes began at her ankles, strolled up her toned legs, and meandered around the edges of her behind, appreciating the point at which her cheeks met at the base of her spine. Suddenly, inspiration struck. A brilliant idea had entered his mind but it would have to wait a minute. Better to build up anticipation by making her wait for the next touch. Sipping slowly at his tea, he watched and wondered what was going through her mind as she lay against the warm wood of the dining table.

                As she gazed out into the back garden, Lily’s mind raced with a myriad of possibilities. Would she be spanked some more? Would her hips play victim to Master’s nails? Would his hands fiercely caress her body as she lay waiting? Or would Stephen just dive right in and put that devious tongue of his to its most pleasurable use? These thoughts made her long for his touch. She couldn’t wait any longer.

                “Master?” she enquired.

                “Yes?” he replied, pausing midway to another sip of tea.

                “May I ask, what it is you plan to do with me?”

                Draining his cup, he set it on the counter, and leaned over her ear, whispering “Why tell you . . . When I can show you”. He punctuated the last word with a slow, hard drag of his nails across her hip bones which stood out as if to say “I’m here for a reason”, a reason that Stephen was going to use well. Her back arched, her head inclined back towards him, inviting his tongue to taste her neck. He acquiesced, licked her neck from collarbone to earlobe, finishing with a bite of her neck that resulted in a short sharp gasp.

                Stephen trailed his tongue from the base of her skull down her spine to the base. He continued going lower, pulling her cheeks apart until he hit a point that caused her to arch again. Smirking to himself, he flicked the spot again, yielding the same result. His tongue went down around and past her asshole, taking care not to touch her labia and excite her further than intended. His tongue returned up around her asshole and made lazy circles around it, barely touching it so as to heighten the pleasure. Not just her pleasure, bus his as well. It was an intensely arousing placement for a man who had recently discovered the joys of butt. For Stephen, this was an activity that wouldn’t lose its appeal any time soon. He continued to tease Lily with the tip of his tongue, trailing rings around her. He had begun to lose himself in a reverie until she spoke up.

                “Master, may I make a request?” she asked.

                “Go on” Stephen replied, not entirely pleased at being distracted from his merriment.

                “I need your tongue”

    “You already have it” he replied, flicking his tongue just below the base of her spine.

    “I need you to lick my pussy.”


    “Please lick my pussy.”

    “Not good enough” he replied, punctuating each word with a spank.

    “Please Master lick my pussy. Lick me until I come for you like the good little slave

I am.”

                “Good slave” he said as spanked her again. Lowering himself to his knees, he flicked the base of her spine, watching the little tense that ran through her body, then licked his way through to her labia and moved slowly between them, tasting her moist pussy. A soft moan escaped her lips as his tongue added to her wetness. The fact that his face was almost in her butt didn’t concern him, however it was giving him a creak in the neck.

    Stephen wrapped his arms around her legs while still licking her labia and heaved her

up onto the table, positioning her on all fours. Her butt now tilted up to face him and gave him greater access to her pussy. He paused for a moment to pull the chair to the table and sit down before he continued to taste her. He passed over her clit briefly as he made loops along her lips and back up to her clit. The contact between his tongue and her clit caused Lily to arch her pussy into his face as well as causing her to moan softly.

                “Thank you Master” she moaned airily, distracted by the powerful sensations produced by the tip of Stephen’s tongue. With each lick of her clit, she grew more and more frustrated. She longed for him to turn her into a quivering mess by franticly lapping at her clit. Each pass brought an arching of her back and a moan of tortured lust.

                Stephen was aware of this. He knew how to rile her up, and tease her to the point of madness until she would beg for mercy. It was only a matter of time until she made the request.

                “Master” she moaned as his tongue passed over her clit once more.

                “Yes, my little sex slave” he enquired, pausing from the teasing of her lips. She slumped a little at the withdrawal of his tongue.

                “May I make a request?” she ventured desperately.

                “You may. Phrase it right and I may grant it”

                “Master please let me cum. My clit aches for you to rile it up to the point that I explode.”

                “I know you can do better” Stephen retorted.

                “Please Master, I need this. I need to feel your tongue against my clit more than just in passing. Please make me cum, Master, please. I’m begging you!”

                “Alright then” said Stephen as he dug his nails down along her hip bones while simultaneously shoving his tongue into her clit. Lily moaned long and hard as she arched into his face. His tongue worked furiously around her clit. Flicking it from all angles while his face moved back and forth into her pussy. He could feel the increase in wetness and was pleased with himself.

                Though not as pleased as Lily was. She panted as she rocked her hips back and forth in time with Stephen’s face. Her pelvic muscles clenched and unclenched with increasing fury as his tongue assaulted her. She could feel the orgasm building up. This was magnificent, this was . . .

                Stephen stopped, and sat back in his chair for a moment. Lily slumped in disappointment. She had been riding a wave of pure pleasure, and now that wave had dropped to a low tide. How could he stop just like that? I hope he doesn’t just leave me like this, she thought. Why would he do such a thing?

                Then he started again with a greater vigour than she had ever felt before. She arched ferociously and moaned loudly. The pace of Stephen’s face-fucking caused her pleasure levels to rise dramatically and surpass her earlier peak. She could feel it coming: the release. She started to pant heavily, to grind harder and harder into her Master’s face.

                “Master” she panted. “I’m . . . gonna . . . gonna . . . cum . . . I’m gonna . . . OH . . . Stephen . . . Stephen . . . Stephen . . . Stephen“. She came hard. Her body spasmed violently, shaking her to her core. The release had been amazing. Still panting hard, she slumped flat on the table; her energy completely expended.

                Stephen got up as Lily slumped to the table, and walked around to face her. He put a hand on her head and kissed her deeply.

                “Thank . . .You . . . Master” she croaked.

                “You’re welcome. Such a good slave. I think you deserve a tasty reward.”

                “Yes, please Master. Though, may I make one more request?”

                “I’ll allow it”

                “Cuddle me first?”

                “I was just about to suggest that” he grinned, and kissed her tenderly on the forehead. He undid her restraints, hid them away, and carried her upstairs to their bed for much cuddling and silly declarations of love.

The End

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