Josh: The Way It Is.

"So what if it was on the ground, its the 5 minute rule now!" Jessica argued back. 

"No you can't! Your gonna get sick if you keep eating things that land on the ground." Victor said back.

Victor and Jessica were in a disagreement because Lukas had dropped a strawberry and refused to eat it so minutes latter she picked it up, brushed the dirt off it and ate it.  Disgusting, but not unexpected for her.  It didn't really matter in a few minutes the topic would change into something else.  We walked on a dirt path in a scattered order not really knowing where we were going.  The sky was its regular light grey-ish blue colour.  We need to find somewhere to sleep for the night.  We all had a few things in common: 1) we were pure breeds; meaning we got our gifts at birth before this war started and neither parents nor us got injections for the gifts, or to trigger the gifts is more like it. 2) Our family's had been murdered during a war for having strong powers or for speaking out against the injections or the war.  3) We were alone and all we had were each other.  And that was the way it was.  We looked out for each other and stuck togeather.  There was no knowing what may happen or who would come after us next so we stuck togeather the best we could.  We were on a quest to find a place to live in peace to try and escape this stupid war.  Plus we wanted revenge for our family, and that was a bit of a problem at times. But this was the way it was.

The End

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