One Dead, Six To Go.

~~Year 3067~~

Times had changed greatly over time.  Those who were different or had special gifts like astral projection or clairvoyance were revealed to the world.  They were tired of being in the dark and soon the world learned how to manipulate these gifts to such an extreme that other with out the gifts soon were disappearing off the earth and those that remained felt threatened.  With these gifts exposed it soon became clear that deaths and murders happened more and more with no leads to who may have done it.  The government soon got curious and manipulated this gifts to such an extent that soon everyone could have the gift the please.  Soon children were born with these gifts and no one except the odd person would buy the injections for the powers.  After time the injections ran out and no one wanted them anymore, anyways.  Some people were more powerful then others and the world broke out into wore.  The powerless, of course, were the first to go.  The world today is filled with darkness, smoke, nothingness and hate.

People soon made alliances to fight off the stronger ones that were one their own, everyone was on a quest to take over the world.  One story I would like to share with you is about one group in particular called Black Death,  which formed over time.  It is made up of five members; Derek, Victor, Josh, Lukas and Jessica.  Derek and Josh were a team before and Victor and Lukas were another group on their own.  Jessica was alone but strong.  Jessica, Josh and Victor all had one gift in common that pulled them togeather.  Astral Projection; When someone rips their soul from their body and walks the earth as a ghost remaining unseen by all alive.  They found each other in this land and talked and talked.  The fought at first but after time they agreed it was better to team up. And that's how they started.  They all met up and soon found they needed each-other.  You see different gifts had different effects on different people depending on which gift they had.  Togeather as a group they learned that when their gifts were combined they possessed every single gift. 

This is their story.

The End

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